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suthra shahi mat- bharat mat darpan


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hello everyone,

This is another mat which started with the blessing of our beloved guru's.....

Bharat mat darpan: p. 58

Writer sri mahant ganesha singh ji (dera guru sar, khuda, hoshiarpur)

Publisher: chatter singh, jeevan singh


Suthra shahi mat

In 1682 bikrami, a son was born to nandhay khatree, in the village braampur, district sialkot. The son was born with teeth (This is considered to be a bad omen and is indicative that a “rakshas†has been born into the house). The parents saw the teeth and got scared and they called the jotshee who also got scared. They disposed of their child in the jungle on the advice of a Brahman. This may be considered odd, but kartar (god) had a different series of events which transpired. Fate had it that guru hargobind sahib had been traveling along this route on his horse back from kashmeer. Guru sahib looked at the kid when a gursikh brought the child close and he said “eh bacha barra sohna suthra haiâ€. Guru sahib named the child suthra and compassionately raised the child.

At the age of 5, a request was made of the guru to give the child back to the parents and the child went back. Suthra returned to the guru when he was much older, and guru sahib addresses him as shah suthray (because he was the son of a khatree) and suthra was known thereafter as suthra shah. He did a lot of seva of guru sahib and won his blessings and praise.

He also spent a lot of time with guru har rai. By this time he had developed ridheeyan/sidheeyan. Whatever he would say would come to be. Some fakir would ask for food from the guru’s langar, but he spoke rudely. Suthra shah spoke up against him and the fakir stood in indignance. Suthra shah took off his cap and threw it in the water and said “it’ll come to you if it is yours, otherwise it’ll come to meâ€â€¦ it so happened that it came to suthra shah and he also took away the fakir’s danda. Guru har rai heard of this and got happy, and gave him a seli topi. (that was his “thaapi†and a samparda started from this point called suthar shaheeyay).

Suthra shah went to delhi and stood up against the mughal badhshah who made hindu’s take off their janeou. So what suthra did was to create a janeou of pigskin and applied a tilak of cowdung to his head and said “take off my janeou and tilak, otherwise leave everyone alone!â€.

Suthra shah created a shoe that was really large and left it in the mosque, the kaazi saw it and thought that it was the shoe of allah. He told the badhshah…then suthra shah paraded around with the other juthee asking where his juthee has gone. He gave a sharaaaf to that person who stole it. The badshah came forth with the juthee and when suthra shah stuck his foot in it, it slowly started fitting and the badshah realized that suthra shah had some “karamaatâ€. He offered him some land, but suthra shah refused, and instead he asked for money from shops of baaneeyay. This still continues till today.

In 1738, suthra shah passed away at the age of 53. His chela named rajaal proceeded him. Guru har rai ji had given suthra shah a gutka and this was passed onto rajaaal shah. Rajaal shah had 2 chelay, one by the name of sahejanand shah and another by the name of jhanger shah. One day, jhangarshah was playing his danda on his arm, singing praises of maata and “maata†was so happy that she gave him another one from the mandar. They now carry 2 danday’s. he was also given a tilak from the vibhutti of a havan kund. For this reason, followers wear a black tilak.

Edicts of the religion

1) Charanamrit- initiation

2) satnaam mantar

3) follow god, your guru and devi maata

4) means of living is by asking for money from shops.. no other means

5) keep a moustache but shave their head is their maryada

6) eating meat or fish is not bad, nor is having sexual relations with a woman

7) stay inebriated in bhang and charas is okay.

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