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guru fateh ,

1. don't bow 2 one who assumes the role of guru, yet goes about begging

( guru nanak, sarang raag).

2. why shd one, who always lives, with god, go begging .

( guru nanak, raamkali raag).

3. seeking happiness, man undergoes much suffering & enslaves himself to many a man. like a dog , he knocks abt. door to door, but never realizes the name of god.

( guru ramdas ji , asa raag).

4. farid ji says " may i never go to another man's door. if ever i m reduced to such a strage, then take away this soul from my body "

(farid ji shalokas).

5. " i serve my master & i by from no one else "

( guru nanak , dhanasri raag)

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