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36 Principles of Sant Baba Nand Singhjee Maharaj


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36 Principles of Sant Baba Nand Singhjee Maharaj

1) Sri Guru Granth Sahib shall have to be worshipped as a living Satguru Nanak Dev ji.

2) Prayers for getting rid of all worries, diseases, pains and poverty etc. shall have to be sincerely made

before Sri Guru Granth Sahib, fully believing that Satguru Nanak Dev ji is sitting there.

3) Whatever you eat or drink should be offered to Sri Guru Granth Sahib before you take the same.

4) The Satguru wants to test your intentions, devotion and sincerity. He is not in need of any worldly things. Whatever you place before him is a token of your affection for him. He is the True Giver.

5) One must spend at least two and a half hour in reciting Nit Nem, Sukhmani Sahib, uttering Waheguru, repeating the first stanza of Japji Sahib and performing paath of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

6) One should recite Gurbani with utter devotion, purity of mind and body and should correctly read it.

7) The ragis should regularly sing these with devotion and with intention of pleasing the Satguru.

8 ) Those who are engaged in reciting Paath of Sri Guru Granth Sahib from the beginning to the end, as well as the singers of divine hymns must not cherish greed of any kind. The Sangat or the devotees etc. should serve them according to their capacity.

9) The Pooranmashi should be celebrated with devotion and in a befitting manner.

10) Every Sikh with his family members shall have to take Khande Da Amrit only then he can seek the protection of the Guru.

11) The children must be taught Gurmukhi.

12) Gurdwaras should be established in every village and town.

13) Offerings in cash before Sri Guru Granth Sahib are prohibited.

14) The names of the children should be such in which some words denoting piety and religious tinge appear, such as, Gurmukh Singh, etc.

15) The Sikh should surrender his self to the Guru

16) The Sikh who serves the Guru with full devotion will get his grace.

17) The Guru will wipe off the sins of the True Sikh, when he leaves his I-am’ness and adopts ‘you’ and ‘yours’. In other words, when he leaves his ego and does not say, “I have done this. This is mine.” He should say “Everything belongs to God. He does everything. He confers all gifts.”

18 ) A true Sikh is a true yogi as well as a king.

19) A true Sikh must never forget God and the guru and should pray to God, “I am at fault, I shall abide by your will, I accept your orders.”

20 ) A true Sikh shall not look with evil eyes at others’ women or men.

21 ) The Guru helps the true Sikh and his protective powers accompany him at all places and times.

22 ) A Sikh should look towards the Guru for all kinds of protections.

23) Do no indulge in slandering or backbiting.

24) Collect virtues and abandon vices.

25) Never forget that you will die sooner or later.

26) One must sincerely serve one’s parents. In this connection, Pauri 13 of vaar 37 of Bhai Gurdas may be read, which tells us that if the man does not serve his parents sincerely, he will get no benefit by reading or hearing scriptures. That his meditation will bear no fruity, that his going to pilgrimage is useless and that he shall have to undergo punishments of transmigration.

27) The man should be faithful to his wife and the wife should be faithful to her husband

28 ) Believe firmly that all the Sikh Gurus are embodiments of God.

29) For the Sikh, his Guru is King of kings.

30) Leave pride. You cannot know when the mind will adopt evil. So never boast of your virtues.

31) Never use intoxicants of any kind.

32) God and the Guru hear sincere prayers of a sincere devotee.

33) One must leave one’s worldly wisdom and adopt that of the Guru.

34) Never adopt the profession of a beggar.

35) Remember and sing the excellences, virtues and praises of God and the Guru.

36) The man must put his utmost efforts to gain the true object of human life, which is, the merger of the soul with the Supreme Soul.

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