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Out of Body experiences, Astral Projection

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this is being discussed on tapoban.org so I thought why not ask for thoughts here. Do you think it is healthy to Astral travel? Do you think it is unhealthy since one can get caught up in the web and have a downfall? What is its relation to spirituality?

Here is a cool website FQA about astral projection:


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FOUR LEVELS OF AWARENESS - As described in Astral Odyssey by Carol Eby


The conscious part of the mind includes mental activity that we are aware of-- immediate perceptions from the senses and activated mental process such as memory, emotion, imagery, reasoning, creativity, decision making, learning, and thought. Conscious observation of the external physical world includes discerning publicly verifiable qualitative and quantitative information, categorical knowledge and rules of society, and events near and far, first hand or otherwise. conscious observation of the internal world includes comprehending information from the senses (hunger, pain, body position), deductive reasoning, logical induction, inference, problem solving, reflection on past experience and emotion.


The subconscious consists of cognitive information that both the unconscious and conscious have access to, but of which we are intermittently aware. The conscious operates selectively in monitoring the environment, only registering as much information as it can manage directly; therefore many perceptions that go unnoticed by the conscious are retained in the subconscious. Learned responses are also stored in the subconscious, making it unnecessary for the conscious mind to deliberate on such automatic action as walking, avoiding sudden danger, or riding a bicycle. Unconscious mental processes and contents are blocked from direct conscious access. Rather than experiencing them directly through introspection, we can learn about them only through inference or indirect methods.


The unconscious contains the neurophysiological processes that keep the physical body alive and healthy under ideal conditions, or those that cause disease and death through psychosomatic illnesses under adverse conditions. The unconscious creates, maintains, and controls the brain, nervous system, and nerve impulses, and mediates between the organic mental apparatus and mental activity. The unconscious mind codes thoughts, messages, and responses in biophysiological pathways which scientists are just beginning to understand.

*SUPERCONSCIOUS (aka Christ consciousness and the dharma - body or God Body):

The term superconscious is used to refer to the part of the mind involved in ESP, which includes telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition, retrocognition, and psychometry.

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That is just 1 drug that alters conscousness, there are many more. I dled a documentary on LSD and it was very interesting how it effected the mind in positive and negative ways. Personally I feel that certain drugs (substances) do have some use in psychotherapy in that it basically puts you face to face with your mind (for better or worse).

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