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yo peeps jus wana no, if n e of you ot have done shastar vidiya or n e other martial art n for how long.

Also have they ever helped u in the street or even win tournoments although i'd rather hear stories bout the street, so much more real. :LOL::LOL:

i'll strt

ok nutin really but i have done some boxin,i can sorta fight well i been in a couple of scraps, were i have been out numberd,

done Gatka, honestly it didnt really interest me apart for the Nagar Keertans, to much dancing for my liking. :P:P

Started Shastar Vidiya (Savya Raksha) finding the actual art n the history Niddar teachers me very interesting, also very practical. he sort opend a whole new side of sikhi to me, i've tried being a saint but now i gotta be da souljah, n Shastar Vidiya has to be the way.

now it YOUR turn, plz ppl no hate :twisted: :twisted: ,i no wa u lot can be like

(goes to nibble on chocolate)

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I've done bits and pieces, some karate when I was small, lately i've started kickboxing but I really wanna do gatka. Benn weightlifting for a few years now though....


One day , I was driving home when I saw a black guy running down the street, holding a handbag and a bibi trying to chase him saying "stop him"

It was just instinct, he ran down a side road, I turned into that road, screeched to a halt, jumped out of my car aand chased him down.

Managed to grab him, push him against a hedge,, then levered his arm behind him, and subdued him.

The local neighbours then came out and restrained him while I called the police....

That just a few weeks ago.

The training definitly helped me catch him, and the grappling techniques in kickboxing came in handy to subdue him...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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