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Sant baba karam singh Ji Maharaj Hoti Mardhan.


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I m going to post some of the sakhi's of siriman ji in english from Nuo Ratan by Gyani Mehar Singh Ji.

I dont have good english skills so please pardon me... I wont be translating each and every line but translating important parts of this sakhi which occured during british raj in India

Here are first of few i m going to post in this thread.

Parbhu Paheradar Banaie

Regular people who live in the materialstic world they dont agree with the fact that simran has lot of power and has gems like anand, sukh sagar within simran. And Its very hard to come out of that anand. As Guru Sahib tell us the condition of an bhagat "Akha Jiva Visraie Mar Jauo". In this stage one forgets about time, death, materialstic things.. one forgets about everything.

One day, baba karam singh hoti mardhan sat firmly in the samadhi that he even forget to be in duty of havaldar (Constable). In baba karam singh ji paltan /constable team there was one sajan(person) who used to have irka(jealousy) towards sant ji. That person also used to do nitneem but in the team people use to respect and honor baba karam singh ji. That was a reason of his jealously. That day, he suddenly went towards nadi(river) where Sant Ji was antardyan in samadhi(meditation). For him this was the great chance to defame sant ji. He went straight to commanding officer and complained that karam singh he is not in the duty. Commanding Officer went straight to the nadi(river) and kept staring at sant ji at the edge of river. Sant ji was sitting in full anand ras and bharm anand Andar. Commander went straight to the Duty Incharge and asked him about Baba Karam Singh Ji. Duty Incharged replied "He is in the duty today.

Commander again ran towards Nadi(river) baba karam singh ji maharaj was present there as well. That way Commander did three round checks. He then went to baba karam singh who was in duty and asked him "Whats your name? is it Karam Singh Sipahi??? He replied "Yes". Then Commander asked him with confustion "Who is the person that is present meditating near the river?? He replied "They are both real...the karam singh who is at the river.. that his body. Karam that is present here its his "Atma". They are both same (ek roop han). Your perception of looking is different Officer Sahib.

Commanding Officer stood still for so long kept looking at this miracle. After discussing with other members in the team. They planned to call karam singh sipahi in the office next day.

Next day when baba karam singh ji was getting ready for work. His incharge came in and asked him to come to the office. Baba Karam Singh Ji knew that this meeting shall be my last day at work because of his absence last night at work. Baba Ji was very happy because he thought now he is free from temporary job and do premament job of bhakti (sachi sarkari nukri karangae) in which temporary job wont be barrier in between.

Sahib baba karam singh ji maharaj went inside office ..there commanding officer was also present who was bit scared from last night encounter.

There incharge commander shook hand with baba ji and said " I am very pleased with your service. I ll ask for your promotions from higher authority. You are very good soldier.

Baba Ji was soo suprised of his cheif comments because he went inside thinking of that he will get laid off from the job because of his last night absence. He asked himsef " Who was the one who did duty in my roop? . He decided finally that he will do job(naukri) of the person(vahiguroo) who did duty in absence of him in same roop. He understood it fully that this whole miracle was kirpa of vahiguroo(prabhu) to save his murid.

Next day, he resigned from the job. Higher officers resisted him not to quit because he will soon get promotion. Baba Ji replied, "Assi Bahut Vadaie Sahib daie Vazir Ho Kaie Bahar Ja Rahie Ha Fir Chotaie Sahiba agaye Kyon Salam Karda Firrae" (I m going in service of commander of comanders(Vahiguroo) then why shall i be in service of chotaie sahib(wordly commander)? )

Higher officer in pursue happiness of Baba Ji offered him to free from all the duties but only stay in parade. Baba ji replied " In the employee sheet you wont see my name". Officer quickly went through the employee list....his name wasnt there. Officer finally realized that he is rab ka farista(fakir) and let him go.

End of this Sakhi.

i ll update this thread with more sakhi's(stories) from time to time. I think we need to know about these puratan saints and their stories of Sadhana towards Sat chit Anand Atam Saroop Vahiguroo.

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Bit more about baba karam singh maharaj:

Baba Karam Singh Ji Maharaj Hoti Mardan

After sant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj, the next divine should who lead and served the Taksal, was Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji Maharaj Hoti Mardan wale. Once Dashmes Pita (tenth Guru Nanak) took his form and performed the duty as a guard. Not only sikh congregations but also people of other faiths respected him. Many of his disciples were enlightened and among them were Baba Aya Singh Ji and Baba Attar Saingh Ji Raru Sahib wale.

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souce: Nuo Ratan

Angrez Officer da Udhaar (Grace on English Officer)

One english officer who was in paltan(regiment) took few days off and went back to england.... his wife was left alone. He went but now his wife cant get hold of him or find where about he is??. After many months, one commanding officer approached his wife and gave her message that after so many intense searches we couldnt find your husband. We are sorry that we lost an very good loyal officer. According to the circumstances, from next month we will take his name off from our registry and we will give you pension and it be up to you if you are willing to go back..government will pay all the expenses.

By hearing this news, young english lady was really shocked , hopeless and broken hearted. She talked to one her freind who was Sardar Ardali regarding this incident.

Sardar told her about baba karam singh ji maharaj and requested her "When one gets sad..their aim only becomes destruction of sad first then result gain of hapiness".

That young english lady came in front of baba karam singh ji maharaj and requested humbly "you are sevadar of all dukhiya's.. please help me". Sant Ji, replied "here bibi your husband shall come back in 15 days'.

She was very suprised that atleast there is someone who think my husband is alive. In office everyone was sad but even them think that he was alive. But word came from saint's mouth has power in it and does come true.

Finally, english women came home. In third or fourth day, his husband letter arrived via post.. in the letter he mentioned that he was unconsciousness for many days... He was only able to speak, write , think,move this week. Also he said a letter to commanding officer that he is just lying down in the hospital. Suddenly, one father came to the hospital and gave him the blessing which saved him. That father looks like some "hindustani" who put his hand on my head and I opened my eyes, his face was full of radiance. It seemed like king of messiah is standing infront of me. He told whats the condition of back home, my wife and next month you will get your name taken off from registry but don't worry you should be to be in duty from next week..you are doing fast recovery.

This letter spread hapiness everywhere.. wife got his husband, mother & father got their son and paltan(regiment) got their loyal officer back.

This miracle only young lady can tell by whose grace his husband is coming back.

Next week, her husband came back.. he looked very healthy... it seemed like that he didnt even get sick. He told his family that doctor told him that he was unconsciousness for many days. When he was coming to england for his holidays he got in to accident and he hurt his head very badly. He had a vision of hindustani father saying to him "Get up son, nobody can kill you..this is not your time' but when he came back to his full sense... he couldnt see anyone.. upon doctors asking him.. He said "Hindustani sikh, father or pir , pagamvar".. I dont know who is he but he is the one who saved me. Next night, again he had a vision of same father telling him "Your life was saved because of "Ardas & Prayer" by your wife, you should get ready and quickly come to Hoti Mardhan...now you wont get any health problems. He start ready to go to hindustan despite of doctors suggestion not to.

His wife suggested him that we should go to baba karam singh hotimardhanwalie. First he didnt agree but then he agreed on his wife insisting.

Next day with all his family in the morning, he went to hotimardan dera. Sant Maharaj ji looked at them from distant and asked Sant Lal Singh to make parshadaie. His family finally reached the destination... his wife told him "Thats him sant baba karam singh hotimardan walie". He suddenly stared at baba ji face. His breath almost stopped (usda dam rukh gaya in shock). He stood there alone... he try to speak but cant speak out...his wife asked him what happened?. He only spoke 'O god, he is the same sant/father/farista/pir that saved me from claws of death back home'... its only because of him i m here with you not because of all medications which didnt help in the speed recovery.

He took off his topi and bow down his head on baba ji's charan. He waited for maharaj ji sermons. Sant Maharaj Ji put his hand on his shoulder and said "Sahib Tusi aap hospital vich akha band kar kaie aman naal Eh Mahina paie rehaie par Eh Khaiyal Nahi Kitta ki koi tuhadaie Vichooraie Taie Pyaar Vich Tarap Reha haie (Sahib you were in the hospital for this month and slept comfortly but you didnt think of that your wife is dying slowly in your pyaar and seperation)". In reality, this devi(goddess) /your wife took roop of vahiguroo by doing ardas and parthna(prayer)..thats the reason you are here alive.

Also my atma(soul) was saddened by seeing her dukh and I in Antar Atma infront of Vahiguroo did ardas as well.

We were pretty sure that even this english woman is vailti(forgeiner) even then she has saaf man(good and honest mind). Vahiguroo Ji da Lakh Lakh Dhanvad(thanks to vahiguroo million times) that he listened to our prayers. I m really happy to see one tarpdi Atma gained hapiness and shanti(peace).

Sahib (Angrez/English men) bowed down to baba ji again and said please forgive me that I didnt want to come and meet you before. Baba ji again become happy and with said with smile "Sahib, This body is given to people.. its not mine anymore. Vahiguroo world is like an garden...he resides in it ...and i try to make this world happy and free from sadness through simran, langar di seva, by giving Atam updesh (divine sermons from gurbani), and by doing ardas (duoya kar kaie).

Your sadness(Dard/dukh) is in some way was mine as well. So if my ardas help you in any way than what else good it could be. Vahiguroo Mehar Karaie.

By listening to this updesh(sermon) he and his wife bow down their head again and promised that every month they will take out daswand give to the langar di seva.

Author notes in punjabi

Asal Vich Sant Da Dharam Kaival Matar Sansar Nuo Sukhiiii Taie Anand Maie Banunaun Vich Sahi Houna Hai. Eh Teek hai ek Saraie Sansar daie kalaasa Nuo Kissaie Vi Tera Door and Katam Nahi Kita Ja Sakda Par Jithaie Taak Huo Sakaie Au Sansar Di Kalayan Daie Jooraie Hoi.

Ouna Hit Ardas Karo. Ardas Andar Etna Mahan Haie Baal Haie Ki uh Ekla Hi Kissaie Samaie Kamar Kassa Karaie Kaie Baadhi Virud Jahad Kar Sakhda Haie

Anand Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Anand

Sab ko anand

Dhan Guru Nanak dev nirankar teri sikhi, teraie bhagat

Bas Tuhi Tuhi Tuhi Mohina :D :D

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