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Illustrations from the Persian manuscript Gulgashat-i-Punjab.

Clockwise from left ; Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das.

Translation of the text from Persian: " O firmament of love, of knowledge, the guide of ascetics, the manifestation of divine light, the opener of the gates of knowledge, one who has climbed the stages of gnosis. the ascender of the heavenly heights, the revealer of the subtle secrets of the Being, the knower of the mysteries of the visible and invisible worlds, the pilgrim of the world of the angels and spirits, the summit of guidance, the luminous guide of the stars in the sky, one who has crossed the oceans of devotion, the faithful elect of the heavenly court, the beauty spot on the face of the loved one, o epiphany of the divine attributes, shadow of the absolute essence, connoisseur of the realities of the nine celestial thrones, King of the Chosen--- these are the attributes of the Guru Sahib , Guru Nanak."

(Taken from The Sikhs- Images of a Heritage - T S Randhawa 2000 Prakash book depot pgs 38-9)


WAHEGURU !! **** SUBLIME !! **************

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