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Parallel Universes


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More and more as our science heralds itself into greater perspectives such as relativity and quantum mechanics our sense of limits and definitions are ever expanding. Time, as we thought of it, was a measurable object, which bound us to a litany of experiences. We had “today, yesterday and tomorrow.†Einstein suggests that time and space do have their measurable limits because when you join time and space joined together you get what is called spacetime. With this theory, events do not fit into the eternally now paradigm. An event of ‘spatially separated simultaneous events for one person became past and future events for another observer simply passing by through space and in time relative to the first’. However, I disagree with this because the second observer, if they knew how, could “step into†the exact experience of the first observer at an apparent later time. Time really is a solitary element and there is only the ever present now. We can step back into the past and into the future. Our observable space, through bi-location, also breaks the spacetime laws.

To the best of our knowledge, the universe is infinite in all directions. However, our views on the universe are akin to how we once thought of the world: flat. We think of one universe that goes in all directions, but we seldom think of many universes doing the very same thing. Why do we limit the infinity of the universe to one level? Well, basically because we do not have tangible access to those other levels (at least we think we don’t, but we do).

Because there are still gaps in our current quantum physics and relativity, scientists are grappling with possible solutions and one of them is the parallel universe. The “problem†lies in that if what is possible in terms of parallel universes is true, it would again require a rewriting of quantum science as we know it, and also disrupt mainstream religion. If you doubt the religious implications, one need only to reflect back on Galileo’s dismissal from the church for his scientific views that conflicted with the church (all which later were accepted by science and eventually by those bodies of religion that initially rejected his views.)

The solving of one scientific gap creates another. But regardless of closed minds and stifling views, science will go on exploring and one day will truly discover that there are parallel universes.

Since this is a webpage about subtle realms, and not science (since I’m not a scientist), my view on parallel universes has more to do with how it affects us in our current existence as multidimensional beings. Why should we care about parallel universes even if they did exist? Good question! First, scientists state that if there were parallel universes, they might possibly be exact copies of this one with its own planets, stars and galaxies. It would also have humans, and it is even suggested that there may also exist exact copies of each of us in these parallel universes. Yes, that means you.

Not surprisingly, I get readers who, when they go to sleep, enter into a secondary or parallel life. It is real, continual, and meaningful. You might think of it as a “past†life, but often the technologies are greater than our own. I myself have experiences where I have profound relationships with others, remember well-traveled paths and places that are not known to me now. How many of you have been absolutely heart broken over someone deeply “familiar†to you in a dream to only wake wondering why you would feel such things for someone not in your current state of awareness? They quite possibly are from a parallel life. Your current “reality channel†has just temporarily changed channels. Each one is as real as the other, and playing at the same time.

People that we feel deeply attached to in this life, and the karmic issues associated with them, are usually present in one or more parallel dimensions. Because our subconscious mind, or overself, has access to it all, bits and pieces will seep into our current consciousness through altered states of awareness (most often sleep), yet it can manifest as an attraction towards something specific (such as idolizing gangster movies, when you are in fact doing their payroll in another dimension).

Robert Monroe talked about collecting his soul fragments from other locales. This may be our task as well. We may not be attempting to ascend on one plane, but many! Our problems here very well may be our problems there.

So to you I say, have a good day… in all of them.


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