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Shankarcharya of hindus arrested

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

AP is an Indian state ruled by a neo convert from hinduism to chritianity YRajShekher Reddy CM.

There hindu Shankaracharya was jailed by Indian police on charges of murder.

Das has bit of information about this ShankaraCHARYA,

1, He was trying to end hindu muslim dispute of Babri mosques and Ram Janam Bhoomi and that too piecefully,While many politicial want it still burning for votes.

2,He also worked for the upliftment of hindu dalits,he wanted them to be equal with rest of the hindus.

3.He advocated the reconversion of those Dalits who left hinduism by frudelent methods.

(Last to racial people in india did not like).

He has murder charge OK,It is a Big charge. But any other charge like provcation against public peace or warrents and summons also are big. Puting in jail is equally importent for those with other charges as for murder.

Das has a few questions better some hindu or a learned Sikh answers

1. When in terrorists are trapped in Hazratbal,shrine is not stromed ,they are given foof,including biryani.And on vacting the premises they are let loose.

But when it came to Our Harimandir Sahib complex in 1984,Das will not elaborate but why the double standards ?

2. When Sant Jarnail Singh Ji were in Complex Law enforcing agencies tryed to catch him,As for them he was encouraging the violence. He was the head of Great Sikh Seminari Damdami Taksal . Same here is the Case with Shankracharya But

In Delhi Jama Masjid we have an Imam(Head priest) his name is Ahmad Bukhari,this guy has openly Declared that he is an Agent of ISI,There are many summons and Warrents on his head,Recently he puched an officer on duty who was removing the slum where illegal imigrentfrom Bangladesh were living. His father(Former Imam,Abdullah Bukhari) also puched a gazzatted officer Mr A Pradhan once,while Mr. Pradhan was on duty.

Why till this day they are not punished?

Is law of India only for Hindus and Sikhs and not for others?

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Imam Sahib by the mercy of Allah are hail and hearty,enjoying Nans and kebabs of Delhi.

He can be contacted at Jama Masjid of Delhi,he gives sermons from the ramport of the Mosque each friday(Jumma's prayer).

Interesting thing was that during last Lok Sabha election,he was teling Muslims here to support BJP,which claims to be hindu nationlist party.

Pity,If such are parties who represent Hindus and lobby to get support of Imam for vote.Akal may bless all.

Das just want to bring in point here.

Present head of BJP Mr Advani was emmbraced by letters sent to respected K C Sudershan JI(Head of RSS) and ex PM of India ,who is termed as abdul bukhari hajpayee(das does not know why) by Bajrang Dal.The letters were from his former Daughter in law,telling that Mr Advani abused her physically and mentally.

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