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5 Bad Associations

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How far are we supposed to take this? I mean I have a friend who we do simran with everyweekend who beleives heavily in Vadhbhaag Singh, but his Grandparents are also Amritdharee. And most of his family is planning to take amrit sometime? Does this mean we cannot associate with them. Are these rules still in effect?

People not to be associated with.

4. Dhir Maleeay

Dhir Mal, the elder brother of Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji, became an enemy of the seventh Guru and during the time of the sixth Guru he left Kartarpur for Kiratpur Sahib. Once there he set him self up as ‘Guru’. Upon the order of Guru Sahib, the Sikhs seized the ‘Chaur’ from Dhir Mal and threw him out of Kiratpur. Then again at the time of the ninth Guru, Dheer Mal again set up his own throne at Baba Bakala. He also got Sheehee Masand to try to shoot the ninth Guru Sahib.

Those Sodhis from the Doab’s Kartarpur area are Dheer Mal’s descendants. It was out of these descendants that Vadbhag Singh was born. During the rule of the 12 Misls (Khalsa States), the governor of Jalandhur desecrated and burnt ‘Tham Sahib’. Vadbhag Singh was Amritdharee, being the first Amritdharee of the Dhir Mal clan. He was scared of the Mughal rulers so he didn’t go to inform the Singhs (living in the jungles), nor did he confront the rulers about the desecration of ‘Tham Sahib.’ At that time, the Singhs thought he had escaped to the mountains to escape persecution and practice black magic. The Dheer Mal clan is

excommunicated and is not to be associated with by the Khalsa.

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Most Punj Pyare will state that the Punj Mel are not to be associated with until they have taken Amrit and fully accepted the Khalsa Dharm and Guru Granth Sahib.

Interestingly on another note, I have personally noticed much in the way of Namdhari-bashing, labelling them in the categories as Nirankaris and others on various 'sikh' forums including this one, however am not aware of any excommunication of the Namdhari Panth or leaders by the Akal Thakt.

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