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Anup Kaur relationship towards Guru Maharaj Ji???


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I reckon Anup kaur is mentioned in Guru Maharaj composition- Treh Charitar in Dasam Granth.

What i wanted to know is this-

1. What charitar(#) her name is mentioned?

2. What was the realtionship of Anup Kaur towards Satguru gobind Singh Ji?

3. Did she attempted to seduce Guru Maharaj or was it just obbessive behaviour she had towards Maharaj?

4. What bachan Guru Maharaj Ji told her that made her realize what she was trying to do was wrong.?

I have talked to one gurmukh who was student of nirmala teachers He reckon that Anup Kaur character was mythological and there was no Anup Kaur existed in Anandpur sahib.

Thanks in advance premio :D

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