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Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale and Akhand Pati.


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This is a sakhi I heard from Nanaksar divan last night.

There was akhand patt going under guidance of Sant maharaj ji and there were akhand patis who were assigned to do akhand patt.

One akhand patti couldn't make it to perform his duty. The Singh who was doing akhand patt before who was allocated for 2 hrs only. Sant Maharaj ji asked him to stay for 2 more hrs. He replied "aagaie duo gantaie liiaaie mein baukhaya ta hai (I barked for 2 hrs steady before)" in a very rude tune.

By listening to sant maharaj ji came in very jalal and bachan was given to him by Sant Ji. "Tenu Baukna bahut pasand hai, tu pher baukaie gan hun (You seem to like barking, you will bark from onwards").

Sant Ji bachan was like a arrow...from that day onwards this akhand patti condition was soo bad that he would bark like a dog(literally) every 2 hrs every day.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji should be respected more than your life. We all know that Sadhu udhai kissaie nuo sharap nahi dindaie.. But when it comes saving Gurbani Izaat and to keep respect for Dhur Ki bani sadhus would anything to perserve the respect of Gurbani.

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