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Isolation depression leading into my confession my poem


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my poem

Foretold by future I struck a knife to my heart

Its so sad I had to depart

When the world had become silent

I shut myself stitched in sadness

The heart that beat upon your name

Now pumps grief and pain

And theres no point in living

Ive spent half a life greiving

So much still to do

but the bully speaks loud

These bastards stand so proud

Lift thy up in the cloud

Nowhere to run to

Death has struck the hour

The blade is sharp

I play deaths harp

Holding the paper which would be…

My my curse

To all those that gave me grief

My tears sign this stupid leaf

A voice in my head

The blood stained bed

Tells me to go ahead

I lay dead and silent

As if I never existed

All the people that hurt me

Observe them walk free

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Page 62, Line 4 -- Guru Nanak Dev

sabad surat sukh oopjai parabh raata-o sukh saar

Focusing your awareness on the Shabad, happiness wells up. Attuned to God, the most excellent peace is found

Page 547, Line 2 -- Guru Arjan Dev

sukh sahj anad binod sad hee gun gupaal nit gaa-ee-ai

Peace, tranquility, joy and eternal happiness come from constantly singing the Glorious Praises of the Sustainer of the World

Page 1230, Line 9 -- Guru Arjan Dev

sarab kusal sukh bisraam aandaa aanand naam jam kee kachh naahi taraas simar antarjaamee

The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the ultimate ecstasy, bliss, happiness, peace and tranquility. The fear is death is dispelled by meditating in remembrance on the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts

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