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Seven Levels to Allah In Islam


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Here is the glimpse in Islam level of spirituality..Muslim holy saints divide the whole ascent into seven valleys-

1. Valley of Search(Wadde-a-Tallash)

2. Valley of Love (Wadee-a-Ishaq)

3. Valley of Knowledge (Wadeea-Marfat)

4. Valley of meditation or Ibadat (Wadee-a-Mehveat)

5. Valley of Unity (Wadee-Wehdeeat)

6. Valley of Bliss (Wadee-a-Noor or Wadee-a-Hairam)

7. Valley of merger in God or Allah (Wadee-A-Finah-Fillah)

In Japuji Sahib five khands (Realms) have been described also on this subject. Those are 1. Dharam Khand (Realm of Righteousness) 2. Gian Khand (Realm Of Knowledge) 3. Saram Khand (Realm of Spiritual effort). 4. Karam Khand (Realm of Grace) 5. Sachkhand (realm of truth). Those valley or realms means samething its just they are name differently just like one god known as vahiguroo, allah, ishvar, ram and many countless names...!

So stages or valleys to get to God also exist in Islam. It's a pitty that people are letting fanatics to put veil on them regarding Islam.

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So the idea of Islamics believing in seven heavens are wrong. And its a spritual awareness?

My Muslim mate mate says that in the Seventh Heaven no one is allowed?

But im starting to think Muslims are spending more time with Holy Wars then spritual growth.

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