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Sant baba Jawala Singh Ji & English Couple


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Sant baba Jawala Singh Ji Harkhowaley & English Couples

Ek Angrez Nuo Puttar Di Dat Bakshi

The effect of Baba Jawala Singh Ji devotion bajhaan bandagi was soo immense that it deeply pentrated the spirit of all those in his regiment.

One Day, an english major was questioned by his subedar as to why he hasn’t had any children? Although he had been married for long time. He replied, only god knows. Subedar advised the english major to take his wife to baba jawala singh ji to discuss this matter (as spiritual people have deeper insight into worldly matters). Next day, subedar took the major and his wife to baba jawala singh ji and the couple respectfully greeted baba ji by bowin down to him. Sant ji sympatheticallhy listened to their concern and promised to meet them on Sunday and to ardas in front of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. .

They met on the Sunday and the granth ji did ardas on behalf of them. They had karah-parsad and baba jawala singh ji said “Guru Nanak Dev Ji” will take care of this and said do an Akhand Patt to thank God. Just a year later, they had a son and as long as they lived in India they did seva of Gurdwara Sahib Ji.

This sakhi is beautiful..its show sant/mahapursh not only bless people within their dharam but they do kirpa on every being on this planet... !

Dhan Dhan Guru Pyares :D

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