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Meeeting of Saints at Damdama Sahib


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Meeting of saints at Damdama Sahib- Baba Nand Singh, Sant anchal Singh Ji chakawaley, Baba Akar Singh tamdhan sahib, Baba Chanda Singh Tukowaley and Baba Jawala Singh Ji meeting occurred at Jand Sar Gurdwara.

In 1930, on vaishakhi lot of premi came to damdama sahib to do darshan. Mahapursh from Malawa region came together to meet Baba Jawala Singh ji. Baba Ji like every year went with sevadars and other gurmukhs to damdama sahib and after seeing all the historical gurdwara’s they ended their journey by staying at Jand Sar Sahib. He stationed himself under the tree (due to his simple undiscriminating nature) and his fellow sadhu’s (gnostics) sat under tree’s as well. Sevadars started making langar and rehras sahib commenced and they did arti followed by Kirtan & Ardas. That was followed by langar which continued until 10- 11 pm…two of langar sevadars went into sant juga singh ji asthan(camp) and offered langar to the people. After everyone ate, then sant ji ate langar ..shortly after gursikhs woke up for amrit vela and bathed and got ready for their nitneem and simran. Sant Maharaj Ji was in very deep samadhi (Sat Chit Anand). The point of union of Truth/Mind/Bliss. He stayed in meditation until sun rise and when his eyes opened he looked at the sevadars with prem ras (spiritually illuminated and intoxicated) and then everyone resumed with their duties. And then Sant Jaga Singh Ji prepared water for Baba Jawala Singh Ji out of respect for his devotion and Sant jawala singh ji gracefully accepted the gesture but suggested that Sant juga singh ji send water to all the other saints first.

After the evening divan, all the sants got together in Baba Chand Singh’s camp. There were seven beds– baba nand singh nanaksar, baba chanda singh were sitting on one bed. Other one had – baba anchal singh ji vedenti(Nirmala), one bed had- baba Akar Singh who was a mahant and others one had two- 4 sadhu sitting on it. When Baba Jawala Singh Ji entered the camp, he matha taik to everybody by putting his head on the floor and others sadhu who were with baba ji followed suit. Then baba jawala singh ji sat on the floor beside baba chanda singh’s bed

At that point, Baba Nand Singh ji asked the sadhu sangat, “How can one give up this world and attained truth”? And baba nand singh ji requested everybody to share their opnions and expereinces regarding this matter. First baba anchal singh ji nirmala discussed vedantic philosophy and he said, by knowing truth and untruth you get to the truth. By abandoning untruth (because absence of untruth will leave the truth only). Then baba nand singh responded, by saying that you have to give up the world and focus on one god by doing lot of simran by which your attention will transcend the world. And then Baba Aghar Singh said, by reading gurbani one will attain Nirvana (gurbani cleanses one’s karm and one start’s resonating with the truth).

Few others sants gave their opnions and experiences and then baba chanda singh ji who was convening over the discussion was told that baba jawala singh ji hadn’t said anything. So, baba jawala singh ji was asked to share his opnion. He first said that he doesn’t know anything and then further attributed the following knowledge to his gurdev/murshid(Baba Aya Singh Hoti Mardan) and he said, “If somebody is lucky enough to get the company of Saint and that saint becomes benevolent on the person , that person will transverse the world and get attach to the God. Then Baba Chanda Singh spoke for 15 minutes about this matter and conculded what baba jawala singh ji said was the truth and used Mool Mantar to explain it.

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