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Sant baba Karam Singh Hotimardan & helpless devotee's


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A large number of devotees used to come to Sant baba Karam Singh Ji Hoti-Mardan on Poranmashi, Sangrand (First day of Indian months) and at other congreatgations. Nearby was a pathan village of atheists. They were very proud and arrogant. They did not fear God. They did not respect holymen, ascetiscs and saints; rather, they felt galled at them. They felt jealous of the big congregations that were held there. So they decided to pester the devotees on their way with their rabid dogs. When the devotees passed through the village they let loose dogs after them. The dogs bit men, women and children. The devotees tried to defend themselves; there was much crying and wailing; they went to saint who would ask: "What happened, my child?" "Sir, we have been bitten by dogs. Sir, what should we do? When we pass through the village, they let loose dogs after us.". The saint suggested: "Please adopt some other route.". Devootes started coming by the other route. When the pathans learnt about it, they started going there with their dogs. When the devotees approached, they let loose dogs after them.

The congregation again made a request to Baba Ji (the saint) that the patthans were pesetering them with their dogs on the other route also. At this he said: "God is the enemy of all excess and extremism. Well, now we are to do nothing. God himself will settle scores with them. We are out of it.

Then the village was struck by such a epedemic that all the men in the village started dying. Finally, a stage came when all men except a child died. There was an intelligent young woman in the village who knew the greatness of holymean and ascetics. She said that men in the village had acted viciously."Their very roots have been destroyed- "When the tree is cut at the roots, its branched wither off!. Now none can survive, everyone has to die. My child will also die.". So she brought her child and put it at Baba Ji's feet and said, "Baba Ji! (Holy man) this child is yours, be merciful. Our men acted wrongly and we are suffering for their sins." Baba Ji said, "Good woman, it's all right! The seed of your village has been saved, otherwise it would have been destroyed- "When the tree is cut at the roots, it branches wither off.". So those whose mind goes wrong pick up a tussle with the Saints:

Refrain(Dharna): Those who are unlucky tussle with the saint, 2, 2.

With the saints, tussle with the saints. 2,2

Those who are unlucky..... ... 2

"The pig-headed persons, who tussle with the saints obtain not peace'. Siri guroo granth sahib ji page- 317

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