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baba jawala singhs updesh about focal point for dhyaan


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Baba jawala singh harkowahal’s updesh about dyhaan to janak singh ji.


Balee singh became amritdhari and was renamed janak singh. He would do his seva diligently and recite gurbani and do simran. Unlike others, he didn’t talk needlessly about gurmat, electing to keep in guruji’s bhaana instead. One day he overheard baba jawala singh say “one’s mind can’t be controlled or stabilized without the focusing on the guruâ€. (Meaning one should focus on their guru when meditating).

From that day on, janak singh started focusing on baba jawala singh as his gurdev. Once as he was doing this, he fell to the ground, and baba jawala singh came running out of his kutya and brought janak singh back to conciousness. As he brought him to conciousness he said “don’t ever, for any reason, focus on my bodyâ€.

Janak singh replied back humbly, “ I overheard you discussing that one can’t stabilize their mind unless they take their guru’s body/form into their concentration, and that is why I started doing thisâ€.

At that point, baba jawala singh harkowahal gathered all the other sevaks and singhs together and gave the following updesh:

“by focusing on dhyan, and going down that route alone, one will not achieve moksh (Salvation). There are 4 types that you will get to though. They are

1)salok muktee: the form (vyagtheegat) you focus on, you can get to their realm. Ie. Shivji-shivlok, brahmaji-brahmlok

2)smeep muktee: that form that you focus on, you can get close to it, but never fully become part of it

3)saroop muktee: you will become like the form that you worship, but you won’t be the form.

By following these routes you are not at a stable state (atal avastha), because a time will come that no form of maya whether it be asthool (tangible, body, gun) or sooksham (astral, spiritual) will remain. All will devour. That is why guru gobind singh ji’s singh doesn’t want any of these muktee’s. These muktee’s will not allow one to dissolve into akal purakh.

The following question was then asked: How does one get to that point where we become one with god?

Baba jawala singh ji answered:

Hey pyaray gurmukho, the shabad, which is the emanation and form of guruji’s heart, that shabad is brahm. Get absorbed in that shabad and you will find that you no longer exist and that is the way that you will get muktee. Guruji has used the following lines in gurbani to explain this……

1)sabad gur peera, gaher gambeera, bin shabadai jag baugaanang.

2)Satgur bachan, bachan hai satgur paadhur mukat janavago

3)Etc etc (more bani was said to reinforce the point)

It is for this reason that gurmat is focusing on god through shabad ( gurmat hai shabad brahm dee upaashna) because shabad has 3 forms according to wise mahapurakhs:

1)asthool: when your eyes gaze on a granth and you read those letters out loud

2)misrat: when one’s birti (focus/attention) becomes attuned to the shabad, the shabad is both suksham and asthool because the mind is made of the (tatta da sato ansh)….the sat (virtue/true/purest) form of the qualities.

3)Sukham= sookham (astral/spiritual)

When the shabad abhyaas (meditation on the shabad) surpasses the consciousness(surat) of the mind, and gets absorbed in the paar baani (the celestial emanations of the primal sound)..(this is also called, naabhi di baani (sounds of the naval chakra). That baani has the ability to take the jeev’s surti (the consciousness of the being) to the pinnacle point of brahm (the point from which creation was started).

For this reason, you should all focus on the shabad.

(there are a few more parts to this, I will add them soon).

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