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What does Sikhism say about evolution?

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Hey all... i have a question...

What does Sikhism say about evolution???

Let me give u an example...

>> Most religions believe in a creator of some sort that created man etc... so in that sense they would not belive in evolution.

>> Another view may be that the creator himself may have allowed evolution to occur so it still fits in with the religion.

A friend of mine asked me this and i was unable 2 reply because i have no idea. So any comments or answers wud b helpful.. so i can relay d information back 2 him.



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Okay... its a massive document so i had a quick glance over it.. and scrolled to the relavent part.

From that link i gather that sikhism says that the creator created the universe and was left to is own devices (in a sense) and evolution does concur with sikhi and vice versa.

Interesting... i will read the article properly at a later date but at the moment i think i need some sleep!!!


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in my opinion Sikhs don't believe in evolution, and that we were humans from the start, especially the fact that we "evolved" from apes. Furthermore, God wouldn't make his creation with flaws and that the only way to make them better was to make them "evolve". We only change our appearances, like the fact that we are what we were 2000 years ago, etc. But as time goes we change for our better, not that we evolved from apes. Hope that helps.

Dalvir Singh

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