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Khalsa Fauj


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Famous quotes from Baba Khalsa Fauj Singh

• “Some of the people here are true examples of lundee buchees.â€

• “Some of you just don't understandâ€

• “What is wrong is wrong. What does it have to do with friends. I ahve friends, they cut hair so i tell they can't call themselves Sikhs.â€

• “I don't dance. I never liked dancing.â€

• “Sikhs are only suppose to listen to music related to Gurmat or Panth, this includes Shabads, Dhadis, Kavishers and other music about the Panth. Listening to any other music is wrong. The real problem ...â€

• “i don't speak (admin-cut) but i know some people here who love (admin-cut).â€

• “These stories are false. kooka gurudum is also there so fooling and looting just like others.â€

• “mythological. just like rest of chariters.â€

• “None of them. You don't follow sants and babas as they are only pakhandisâ€

• “There was no anoop kaur. This is all falsehood trying to reduce the greatness of Guru Ji.â€

• “You never recite chandi di vaar. some say it gives bir rus, it tood out every bir rus i had from listening to dhadis. chandi di var is nothing more than a translation from puraans.â€

• “Connect yourself to Gurbani and never read charitropakhyanâ€

Our beloved Khalsa Fauj also says

• “What has to be done is complete submission to Guru Jiâ€

You seem to dictate was is right or wrong for us “Sikhsâ€. You criticise maharajs bani, mahapurshs and other people without proper justification.

The above quotes just show that Ego does get the better of some people.

You are no exception.

Wake up and smell the "bhang"(excuse the pun).


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