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i had just been to a quaker meeting and was amazed to find out how much sikhism has common with quakers. Perhaps we share more with them than any other faith.

the meeting that i attended was part of six sessions .It was about quakers and god. First three speakers spoke about individual experiences with god and than the whole group meditated for about 30 min in silence.

each of the speakers spoke about their own experiences. One of them stressed that ego is biggest hurdle between us and god. ( so many shabads in guru granth sahib stress that )

second speaker stressed on how in each of us is sacred. Also the concept of praying as group( it was truly a sadh sangat )

I did find something missing though ........"Kirtan" .

These people were making the journey by themselves . on the other hand we inspite of having the treasure of guru granth sahib are not using it. These people can rightlfully call themselves gursikhs.

I thought these people would be content if they could possibly hear one shabad from guru granth sahib. and they would be laughing at us if they knew we already had all knowledge that they are seeking.

and that reminds me of anand sahib shabad

" sur nar mun jan amrit khojday so amrit gur tay paa-i-aa

paa-i-aa amrit gur kirpaa keenee sachaa man vasaa-i-aa "

we are still thinking about if we should take amrit , we are happy to live our lives based on lies. we question what is the importance of kes . Well we question everything except ourselves.

When i went to the quaker meeting I thought there might be something new I learn , yes i did learn a lot.

But Its hard to accept but it was always who was at fault. there is nothing that you dont get from guru sahib , even without asking he gives us. all we have to us is accept guru and accept guru's word.


wjkk wjkf

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