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Sant baba Pooran Singh Ji Kirochaowaley


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one of premi gurmukh also said.:

do u see the glow in the background? this is not done in photoshop or anything. The glow is actually said to be natural. Not modified. The photographer was left breathless. It was not a problem with the camera or anything....

Other picture of baba ji:


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this is truly amazing .

i m not saying that this Sant Mahapurakh ji is not chardikala , but how is it possible for a camera to capture the prakash which can only be seen with ur inner eyes or dribdrishti .

normal people who don't have any kamai are able to see that prakash , only some chardikala singhs with lots of kamai .

but it could be true too. who knows

ho sakda hai guru ji ne kirpa kar ke yeh kramat ki ho

dhan Guru Nanak !

waheguru waheguru ............... :)

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