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singh meets sevapanthi

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Pg.149 (raj jogi, baba sahib singh bedi….ishar singh naara)

A companion of baba sahib singh bedi, passed away and baba sahib singh bedi did ardaas for him. In that darbar, came sant bhai bhaag singh kureewaalay. Baba sahib singh bedi gave him due respect and said it has been ages since we’ve met. Bhai bhaag singh responded with the following “tuk†of gurbani.

“kaat kee puthree kahaa karai bapuree khilaavan haaro jaanaiâ€. Baba sahib singh bedi heard the response and was utterly pleased.

The time came near for the bhog of the death of the friend and bhai sahib singh bedi gave flour and clothes as bheta, and did a smagam. They had a deevan at 2 times. In the morning bhai mansa singh did kirtan, and at night the sevak of the deceased did katha from paaras bhaag. One day, in that katha, there was a passage which discussed the greatness of saints and their company. It was said that those saints are the beloved ones of god who keep themselves imbued in god’s love and don’t care about theirselves or what happens to them in the process.

Bhai sahib singh bedi asked this sevak, bhai baloo (sevak of bhai dukh bhanjan), is there any sant of this caliber in your panth (meaning the sevapanthis). Bhai baloo said there is bhai jagta ji from noorpur. He described him as being one of great peace, he didn’t see anyone as friend or foe, didn’t see happiness or sadness, and he didn’t do praises or slandering of anyone. Mai anantee (the adopted mother of bhai sahib singh bedi) said lets call him here so that we can do his darshan. Baba sahib singh bedi said “mother, you’re very simple…a saint of this caliber shouldn’t be called here, but rather we should go and meet him; waheguru will be more pleased with thatâ€.

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