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seva of exchanging life span of baba karam singh hotimardhan


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source: Pachmi Parkash (Hoti Mardan da Nooooor)- Jevan Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji Maharaj

Seva of exchanging life span of baba karam singh hotimardhan

year: 1900 / 1957 bikarmi

When sant baba Karam Singh Ji started showing signs of him going to sachkhand forever infront of sangat..and annouced that he will be going to the sachkhand in 8 days.... sangata was very udas(sad) knowning that... Sant ji told the sangat, everyone has to go one day ..so why worry?

Sangat requested sant ji to stay with them for two years more. Sant ji, further stated that, this order came from dargha under hakum of Vahiguroo. But after seeing sangat's very emotional pleading... Sant ji went into deep thinking for few minutes, sant ji heard divinely message via telepathy saying- Karam Singh ! feel sorry for these innocent pearls...just like how I did your duty of constable in your roop while you were in samadhi.. you should do the same... just send someone else in 8 days.

Upon hearing this, Sant baba karam singh ji opened his eyes and said, mahapurkh's come to this world not to change ishvari maryada(law of god)...this body has only 8 days to live and said lal sehan(who was long time companion of sant ji), you have 2 yrs and 2 months more to go... if you are willing to go instead of me in 8 days then i can give darshan to the sangat for 2 more years.

After hearing this sermon, sangat was shocked but Sant baba Lal Singh was so happy hearing this and said, dhan ho aapa ji that gave me chance to finish this body in such deed otherwise this body is worse than animal.

After hearing this sangat started saying, "dhan dhan baba lal singh ji" and this whole conversation was spread out in all the villages....everyone was shocked hearing this...

So days kept going by, finally eight day came by..it was magar(sudi chaut), date- 12 Magar day- Sunday sangat came in thousands... but just like before Sant baba Lal Singh Ji would do langar di seva...few people in sangat were asking, who is the baba ji that took bachan of vadaie sant?. They pointed him doing seva with his "kamar kasa on".. they were shocked that he is doing seva with no worries and with knowning that he is going from this world today... after all the langar di seva... baba lal singh ji took full ishnan, wore new clothes and come outside to do darshan of sant baba karam singh ji as time was coming close by... !

Baba Lal Singh ji matha taik to Sant maharaj ji, it was such a emotional moment that that baba ji washed baba karam singh ji feets with his tears...and said, "Zindagi Vich Hoiya Bhulla Di Khima Dai Dena (forgive me if i have done any mistakes in mylife)" and then by 4 pm, baba ji took premission of vaadaie sant baba karam singh ji maharaj and took a blanket on him then realeased his breath out from dasam dwara via "bhramrandar nari(vein) and left this co-orpeal being.

Then there was japji sahib recital followed by the ardas after there was angeetha sahib created for baba ji body and body was cremated.

Soraj Kiran Milli, Jal Ka Jal Hoya Ram, Joti Jot Rali Sampuran thiya Ram ||

Dhan Hai Tuo Vahiguroo, Dhan Hai Tuoo Vahiguroo

Sat Kartar, Sat Katar !

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'Eh Kinehi Daat Aapas Te Jo Pieye

Nanak Sa Karmat Saheb Tuthe Jo Miley'

Dhan Baba Lal Singh Ji. This Lal Singh when first came to join the Paltan in fauj there was no one to give his reference and identification without this shinakhat no one was introduced in the army. As baba Lal Singh Ji depressed was about to leave he met Baba Karam Singh Ji there. Seeing Lal Singh Ji sad Baba ji asked the reason and on hearing about that no one was giving his identification,Baba Karam Singh Ji who didnt knew Lal Singh Ji before at once went to the officer in charge and gave his shinakhat. Dhan baba Lal SIngh ji who then was so deeply impressed that he too soon became a true bhagat and sewak of waheguru. Baba Karam Singh ji di cho naal many became sants. Sant Harnam Singh Ji and Sant Nagina Singh ji is also worth mentioning here.

A recent event going to take place at Gurudwara Hoti Mardan Baba Khem Singh Ji di 6 th Barsi 13th March 2005 Gurudwara Hoti Mardan Saheb vich manai ja rahi hai.

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