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Relics Given by Gurus to Muslims Come to India

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Relics Given by Gurus to Muslims Come to India

Amritsar, Punjab, India – Pakistan based Makhdoom Syed Chan Pir Qadri, descendent of Sai Mian Mir who laid the foundation stone of Harimandar Sahib; and Zahoor Ahmed Khan, descendent of Ghani Khan and Nabhi Khan who once saved the life of Guru Gobind Singh, arrived in India last week with a fourteen member delegation to express their disdain that the contribution of their forefathers towards Sikhism remained unacknowledged.

Recognizing Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan's service to him, Guru Gobind Singh had reportedly written a ‘hukamnama’ (edict) in his own blood. This relic has been preserved by the family since it was issued in 1703 AD. Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan's seventh descendent, Zahoor Ahmed Khan, brought the written hukamnama to India for the first time.

Speaking to SikhNN, Khan said that in the past four hundred years no one had ever bothered to contact him to request the hukamnama be brought to India for display, not even for the martyrdom anniversary of four sons of Guru Gobind Singh last year.

“The hukamnama categorically states that service to the family of Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan would be akin to doing service to the Guru. But the Sikhs have ignored our family which is struggling with poverty in suburban Lahore," said Khan, adding that the chunk of land the family got from Maharaja Ranjit Singh had been taken away by the British.

Makhdoom Syed Chan Pir Qadri, 19th descendent of Sai Mian Mir, expressed similar views that neither the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee nor the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee had ever extended proper recognition to their family. He said he is unhappy that the Sikh leadership and officials of the SGPC have hot given due recognition to Main Mir and his family when they were celebrating the 400th year installation day ceremony of Guru Granth Sahib and other functions.

Qadri also expressed his anger that SGPC officials would not give permission to perform kirtan in Harimandar Sahib because they were Muslim. Qadri said Sai Mian Mir had close relations with Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Hargobind, and Sikhs used to accord him great regard.

He emphasized that Sikh history was incomplete without the mention of Sai Mian Mir. During his stay in India, Qadri will work to bridge differences between Muslims and Sikhs and revive their relations, as they existed between the Gurus and Sai Mian Mir. He brought along beads and a necklace studded with precious stones said to have belonged to Guru Arjan Dev and his wife Mata Ganga.

Picture of Relics-




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