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Science meets Spirituality

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From the Filmmakers:

The inspiration for this film came from a number of different directions. And with that many fingers pointing – it could not be ignored. The first finger was the continual convergence of the two great modes of human inquiry – science and spirit. Quantum physics, neurology and molecular biology seem to be saying things that are in agreement with what mystics have been saying for centuries. Furthermore science as a language of the spirit seems to cut across old beliefs and superstitions, and present ideas in a way that encourages people to examine for themselves and make their own decisions.

Another finger was the availability of sophisticated hi-tech movie making at an Indie budget price. The computerization of the film making process has given non-studio productions the ability to make sophisticated effects-rich movies.

And lastly, the middle finger, is raised in response to what is currently out in social consciousness regarding “entertainmentâ€. Cops, robbers, boy meets girl, man kills man, is boring at best and harmful at worse – and we the filmmakers think a lot of people are ready for something different.




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