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Nihang Major Singh Ji


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A question has been asked on another forum: -

As someone with no knowledge on this topic, and just looking at the picture from a personal point of view instead of spending so much time trying to get the biggest dastaar would this time not be spent more productively doing Naam Simran?

Today I talked to Nihang cheif Baba Balbir Singh Akali Ji and repeated same question. he gave a very good reply in detail. I can, though, write here what he said, but I think one should hear if from Baba Balbir Singh Ji or Baba Major Singh Ji himself.

Some pictures of Nihang Major Singh Ji are uploaded on www.amritworld.com . If someone thinks that Nihang Major Singh cannot move with this so heavy 'dumaala', he/she is mistaken. :D

I asked him to show his 'art' and he was agreed. Please wait for his more pictures 'Nihang Major Singh Ji In Action' :D .

Jaikaara Gajaave

Nihaal Ho Jaave

Guru Kalgidhar De Man Nu Bhaave

Sat Sri Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

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Is it correct that Nihang Major Singh Ji ties a very large dumalla to raise awareness of Sikhi Saroop ? This is the impression I had gotten regarding why he personally chooses to tie a large dumalla from what I had read in a newspaper.

You are very lucky to have access to Major Singh Ji and Baba Balbir Singh Ji, however some of us are not able to ask directly, and would thus greatly appreciate some input from yourself.

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