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New website related to ramgharia sikhs !


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No matter how sikh people think they are or portray when it comes to issues of marriage, people tend to marry in their own tribal lineage, unless otherwise ie:g/f and b/f situation.

Why is this?

Liono, I see in another post you mention you are a married man.

Could I ask did you marry someone within your own tribal background?

I know for sure within many family circles it is a 95% preference to “marry your own†Not cousins though we all know who does that.

Caste does exist is the real truth of the matter.

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nice backround work.....lol

If there is anything wrong with the presentation ....please feel free to post .... I think it is a very good presentation and puts across a good point ....... if realities are different that is a weakness that we as the Sikh community need to work on..... not accept as the truth. If we do then we are the ones that are gonna lose out and suffer....

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