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Guilty escaped in anti-Sikh riots: Nanavati

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Guilty escaped in anti-Sikh riots: Nanavati


Posted online: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 1449 hours IST

Updated: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 1453 hours IST

NEW DELHI, APRIL 20: The NDA-sponsored May, 2002 Nanavati Commission report, submitted to Home Minister Shivraj Patil in February 2005 recommended that certain politicians escaped justice due to bad investigations, according to IANS.

Retired Supreme Court judge G. T. Nanavati, who probed the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, in an interview asked the government to reopen cases against a "few politicians" saying investigation against them was not "properly carried out".

However, he refused to provide any names, saying , "I have submitted my report to the government. It is up to the government to act," the 70-year-old justice said.

The latest of investigative commissions followed on the heels of the earlier Jain-Banerjee Committee, Poti-Rosha Committee and Jain-Aggarwal Committee.

While Justice Nanavati trashed any suggestion of the anti-Sikh riots being pre-planned, sources in the Commission, indicated there was “a pattern in which the riots took place" and a "pattern in which the attacks" took place against the Sikhs.

On the question of whether the riots were organised, Nanavati said: "It was planned to the extent that Sikh houses were identified and targeted. The rioters knew their houses."

Some 3,000 Sikhs were killed in the aftermath of the assassination of the-then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi in 1984 by her Sikh bodyguards. Two of whom were subsequently executed.

Many then-Congress party leaders, including union minister Jagdish Tytler, former Central Minister Vasant Sathe and Sajjan Kumar, MP, former minister HKL Bhagat were examined by the Commission.

Nanavati, however, only went to the extent of pointing out that there was dereliction of duty on the part of Delhi Police for the killings that happened in the Capital in the days following the assassination.

The Manmohan Singh-led UPA government has promised to table the report in the current Budget session of Parliament.

The agenda of the Commission was to chart the cause and course of the riots and find out if they could have been prevented, and if any governmental agency failed to carry out its duty.

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Be it NDA or Be it UPA all politician are of same pedigree they will not harm there own breed ie fellow politician even if they are in oppposition.

So till this date all politicians have gone scot free in all of the criminal cases or scandals.

This happens only in India.

Let them do unjustice,To those who have givne there all to uplift India.God is seeing thier ungreatfullness.

This is making the ground clear for Khalsa rule in India.

For that rember to erradicate crrupt politician and but with sence of love towards fellow Indians,Sikhs or non Sikhs.

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