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Remember HIM "HOW?......"

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Sarbat Saadh Sangat Jio


There is a gurbani Pankti "Aath Pehar Prab Aradhiye........"

frankly spaking everyone today has a busy slot of schedule.... . I wake up in the morning,do my daily couse of action along with "NITNEM SAHIB" path. that moment i feel very what we say in "ANAND" AND FELL i HAVE GOOD STARTING OF THE DAY, but then going to office forget "Waheguru" Because lot of work pressure there. and atlast when i return to home then have to say the SENTENCE "ONE MORE DAY HAS GONE IN MY LIFE"

:o So tell me friends How can we remember Waheguru during each moment of our life while performing our daily course of actions?.


I have also listened form someone that "We have to remember then who are apart of us, But who are close to our heart we dont have to remember them but they are always with ue in our thoughts! I want to know how can I keep (WAHEGURU JI) in my thoughts!......



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Do you forget to breath while doing all of your daily activites? If you can become aware of your breathing that it is happening at every moment of the day...then attach waheguru with your breathing. Each breath going in is his name, each breath going out repeat his name. Repeat his name with every breath, if you do drift away and lose you awareness in your breathing, Just start as soon as you realize. If you forget a 1000 times then bring yourself back to your breath 1000 times.

Attach his name to your breathing.


Attach everything to his name, let your daily activities remind you of him, Seeing the face of a Friend or a Stranger remind yourself that that face is also the face of God. Let everything that you touch be of his reminder. Place his name all around your house, room, car. I remember my brother had posted 'Waheguru' all around his apartment, and when i walked into his apartment for the first time....I could almost hear the name Waheguru being repeated.

And Most importent of all is Prayer. Pray that he may make you worthy of remembering him 24/7. Put the best effort you can, but never without his help.

'God Helps those who help themselves'

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