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Kartar Singh Sarabha


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Here is a collection of photographs of USA based Indian freedom fighters who were hanged after the infamous Lahore Conspiracy. The most famous being Kartar Singh Sarabha - hanged November 16 1915 aged 19 - The hangings were an inspiration to many such as Bhagat Singh to start Home grown freedom movements.

Kartar Singh helped start the Gadr Party while a student at Berkeley (Univ California) and was part of group who went to India to start revolt especially among soldiers.

While being quite famous among Punjabis (Jats especially - always name-checked as an ideal 'Anakhi' Jatt in many punjabi songs) there are not as many pictorial depictions of Kartar Singh as there are of Bhagat Singh - and those that do exist tend to be 'cartoon' like or like the Sobha Singh portrait show him with a turban - The statue of Kartar Singh in Ludhiana City also shows him with a turban and with quite indistinct features.

All this makes the photograph interesting as it gives you an idea of what he really looked like.


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