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Jathedar Baba Mahinder Singh Ji Rara Sahib/Jarg Sahib


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source: Jargsahib.com

Jathedar Sant Baba Mohinder Singh Ji (Rara Sahib), Jarg

picture of jatehdar ji (white dastar) with sevadar(safron) [taken right after samadhi)


The Almighty had blessd S. Attar Singh of Duburji village near Karamsar (Rara Sahib) with four sons namely Santa Singh, Jaimal Singh, Khem Singh and Harchand Singh. The youngest Harchand Singh who later came to be known as Jathedar Mohinder Singh Ji, was born to `Mata Bholi' on 14 March 1915. When he was hardly ten years of age, his father left for heavenly abode. All the four sons were brought up by `Mata Bholi' with great care & interest in the hope that one day her sincere efforts will bring fruit, and her wishes will be full filed. Mata Bholi ji was a very pious soul. She was a regular visitor to the village Gurdwara and to sweep it daily was her routine.

To serve and respect the guests and keep the neighbours in good humour was her nature. She could not afford to miss `diwans' at Dhakki (small jungle) at Rara Sahib performed on every `Sangrand' and `Puranmasi' right from the day Sant Baba Isher Singh ji had made it his religious head quarters. By this time since the children had grown up they also started accompying their mother for `darshan' of Sant Isher Singh ji Maharaj. Baba ji, who was deeply religious natured from his early childhood, learnt elementary Punjabi language in Gurmukhi script from one Sh. Inder Singh `Dafedar' and playing `dholki' (two-faced drum) from Subae Maraasi of the village and started singing shabads, (religious hymns) while playing at it. He was so involved in Sikhism that he participated in Jaito Morcha at the tender age of only 9-10 years. At times, Baba ji used to visit the Dhakki (Rara Sahib) for `darshan' of Sant Baba Isher Singh ji. Howerver, in 1936, he came for `darshan' of His Holiness Sant Ishar Singh ji Maharaj, but never to return back. On orders of Baba Isher Singh ji, Jathedar Ji started serving in the ‘langar' (Community Kitchen). While serving in `langar' Jathedar ji also used to participate in meditating group and also learnt reading and understanding Guru Granth Sahib from Giani Balbir Singh Ji. At Rara Sahib, Jathedar ji mastered the art of Gatka from Nihang Bachan Singh ji. Later on Baba Isher Singh ji included him in his `Kirtani Jatha' and for playing `dholki'. At this stage Jathedar ji had started also accompanying Sant Isher Singh ji to all places including Calcutta, Bombay, Ranchi, Patna, Shimla & Africa. However, from 1954 he was made `Jathedar' (incharge) of the `Hazoori Kirtani Jatha' and served as such upto the moment His holiness Sant Isher Singh Ji breathed his last. Not only this Jathedar ji also remained uner the command of Sant Kishan Singh Ji Maharaj for about 12 years at Rara Sahib. After His Holiness Sant Isher Singh ji left for Sach-khand. (heavenly abode), Jathedar ji took upon himself with great humility, the cause of spreading teachings of great Gurus through `Katha-Kirtan' as desired by Baba Kishan Singh ji Maharaj with the only change that now Bhai Amrik Singh ji and Bhai Bhupinder Singh ji would sing Shabads and Jathedar Ji explain the inner meaning of Gurbani to the `Sangat' in most simple and appealing manner. However, on Bhai Amrik Singh ji's `Akaal Challana', the health of Jathedar ji Maharaj deterio rated and it did not permit undertaking strenuous busy schedule. Acordingly, his holiness desired Bhai Bhupinder Singh ji to shoulder the responsibility of `diwans' and other arrangements. Thus manifested Bhai Bhupinder Singh ji, now His Holiness Sant Baba Bhupinder Singh Ji (Rara Sahib), Jarg. On His Almighty's will, in August 1989, Jathedar ji along with Bhai Bhupinder Singh ji and few other devotees shifted to Jarag to establish an other centre for spreading the message of great Gurus and Gurbani for the benefit of `Sangat'.

It was the evening of 13th of March 1999. A meeting of the trustees had been called in order to deliberate upon the preprations for the `tri-centenary celebrations' of the birth of the Khalsa Panth. After taking evening meals all came to Jathedar Ji's abode to hear his pervachans. On this late evening occasion, Jathedar Maharaj Ji was in quiet mood. Bhai Bhupinder Singh ji, the then Chhote Maharaj ji was in His Holiness's service. The ambience was quiete serene. The occasion being memorable, it was incidently documented by video filming as a routine. At about 2.00 a.m. on 14-3-1999 (Sangrand) Jathedar Ji Maharaj, got up and told Chhote Maharaj ji that he will be shortly leaving his mortal body. Due medical aid was immediately made available, but all in vain. Jathedar ji left for Sach-khand (heavenly abode) at 3.11 a.m. His mortal body was immersd in Sutlej in the vicinity of Bhibour Sahib on 16-3-1999 according to his desire. In addition to the services rendered at Rara Sahib, in establishing school, college and hospital by His Holiness Sant Isher Singh ji and Sant Kisah Singh ji, His holiness Jathedar Mohinder Singh ji established `Gurdwara Sahib & Sant Baba Ishar Singh Academy' at Village Chappar in Patiala Distt. In the sacred memory of Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj, Jathedar ji built a magnificent `Gurdwara Yadgar Sahib' and rooms for the visitors at Jarg, in addition to establishing a large library, Gurmat Sangeet Vidyala and free dispensary for the benefit of the humanity. For spreading the message of great `Gurus & Gurbani', a standard monthly magazine `Gurmukh Marg' is brought out regularly. For this purpose the medium of audio-video cassettes and electronic media is also being extensively applied. All these projects are being run by Sant Baba Bhupinder Singh Ji Maharaj with the due patronage of `Sangat' for eliminating the sufferings of the mankind.

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