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Islamic relics


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I am posting these pictures of Islamic relics as they have a Sikh association - as well as being very interesting pictures .I got these pics from an african website - I have forgotten its name ( Sorry !)

The first is the Turban of The Prophet Mohammed Sahib - This is kept in the Badshahi Mosque Lahore - I have read that this relic and others were in the possession of M.Ranjit Singh and they were kept respectfully with other treasures such as The Kalgi of Guru Gobind Singh and The Kartarpuri Bir ( will post ref when I can find it !) in Ranjit Singh's Toshekhana.


The next picture is The Rauza - e- Rasool in Madina . This is the tomb of Muhammed Sahib - Please correct me if I am wrong . This is a sight that most Muslims, even those performing Hajj will not see - and as non muslims we are unlikely to see - I posted this because Sahib Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji must of seen this tomb on his journey to Madina


I mentioned the Toshekhana of Ranjit Singh this reminds me of the Toshekhana of the Darbar Sahib Amritsar - In the Jalao collection there is a Special Chaur - It is made of Chandan (Sandalwood)

This chaur is not made of the usual Yak's Tail it is made of strands or wires made from Sandalwood .It was gifted to Darbar Sahib by Haji Muhammed Maskeen of Lahore in 1925 AD. Haji sahib used 9 Mann 14 ser (indian weights) of sandalwood and produced 145000 fine strands or 'wires' to produce the Chaur which took 5 years of work.

- Amazing ! - The chaur bears an Urdu inscription :

" Panch baras saat mahine me sandal ke balon ko banate hue ek lakh pantali hazaar balon ka chaur saakta Haji Maskeen dastkaar saras chandan ne banaia. Shah ki Khidmat me Laiaia giya "

(Ref - Siri Harmandir Sahib da Sunehri Itihaas - Singh Sahib Giani Kirpal Singh 1991)

Can you imagine performing Chaur Sahib Sewa with a Sandal wood Chaur - imagine the Perfume !!

"Shah ki Khidmat" - How much 'Sharda' does that show !! - it is said that Haji Sahib made an identical chaur - which he gifted to Makkah Sharif - He saw Amritsar and Makkah as the same - Amazing !

This chaur is only shown on special occasions - in the Akal Takht - You can see it on film in the 1960s Punjabi movie "Nanak Nam Jahaaz Hai "

I posted this story because it shows that the Darbar of Guru Sahib is a Royal Darbar - and Guru Sahib King of Kings .

I have heard many people say we should 'get rid ' of all the 'rituals' surrounding Guru Sahib in the Gurdwara - What these people fail to see - something that Haji sahib above saw - is that Guru Sahib's Durbar is the Royal Court of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. All these 'Rituals' they see are essential Royal markers - The Chaur, The Chandoa(canopy), Nagaara (drum) Shank(conch) and Musicians(Classical trained - ragis) are all essential markers of Royalty. These markers are universal - Anyone who has seen the State opening of Parliament in England will see that. The Queen arrives in a gold carriage ( Sikh version - the Palki Sahib ) to the sound of trumpets ( Shank and nagaara) she is ceremoniously dressed in the crown and Ermine cloak ( Rumallas and flowers) She walks to the throne with attendants and seated on the throne on a higher level with everyone else standing ( Prakash) .Above her head is a Baldachin - a royal canopy (Chandoa). She gives a speech ( Hukumnama) -no one turns their back to her - All stand when she leaves and great ceremony is made when she retires ( Sukh Asan )

Many believe Sukh asan is when 'Baba Ji' sleeps - Guru Sahib never 'sleeps' - it is Guru Sahib Retiring - like Mughal palaces have a Diwan i aam and a diwan i khas - the first for general audience the second private for rest and private audience .

Guru Sahib is the same - In some UK gurdwaras you can see Guru Sahib is left prakash-ed unattended with no chaur sewa - all day - This is disrespectful - if there are no attendents Guru sahib should retire to SukhAsan until an 'audience ' is granted by Guru sahib.

I better stop there before this turns into a rant or an Essay !!!!

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