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If SGPC went to Hawaii

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A Follow up question from http://www.sikhawareness.com/sikhawareness...opic.php?t=7048

But an excellent question would be say for example SGPC all said hands up here you go heres the paper work for all the Gurdwara's and all the funds, we're off too Hawaii

Would the current Nihungs,Nirmale,Seva Panthis,Udasis be able to handle it?

Would they end up in the same postion, of fighting etc


How else could it work ?

or will we have to realise the fact that SGPC is here to stay and instead of fighting against them work with them to improve all gurdwara's etc

Let me know what people think ?

Aloha ! to Hawaii

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i dont understand why it should just be these four sampardas u mentioned who should take on the seva and also talking on a hypothetic level how would we ensure the hand over of power who would it be handed to and who would decide who gets this power...

this is a really flawed hypothetical arguement and the debate could be endless..but what the heck i say move all the khalsa panth to hawaii!

Loud cholas and hawaiin dastars all round

akaal.. i mean aloha

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