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* Taken from - The Sikhs, Images of a Heritage - T S Randhawa - 2000

A scene from a Mela - local fair

with wrestlers, fairground rides,Vanjaaras selling bangles , Mithai sellers with scales, liquor sellers ,a dancing bear, monkeys , a Dad carrying his son on his shoulders so he can see the wrestling and Dancers with sticks with a dholi.

Almost all things you can still see at a punjabi mela. One thing I remember from punjabi melas is the 'fortune telling' white bull - usually painted blue or with blue stars and hand prints - its handler would get a 'punter' to hide something like a watch and the bull would tell who had it - or it would pick out who from the crowd would be going 'abroad' - on one occasion it picked me out - my Mama couldn't stop laughing and told them I was born abroad in UK !


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