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Is this a 'Sasbaan' Arrow ?


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I bought these arrows a few years ago , in an antique shop in Nottingham UK. At the time I thought that was quite apt as Nottingham is the Home of the archer Robin Hood - I originally bought them because there were Five of them and they reminded me of the five arrows 'punj teer' given by Dasmesh Pita Ji to Banda Bahadur.

I think they are beautiful - whilst reading Guru Sahib's Shaster Nam Mala I noticed references to 'Sasbaan' - a crescent shaped arrow - I believe this arrow is usually aimed at the head as it causes maximum damage if aimed at the skull.

If you look at the picture there are 2 half moon arrows - is one of them a 'Sasbaan' ?

I would be grateful if anyone could identify all the arrows - do they have special names ?

The arrows are made entirely of carbon steel (though I could be wrong)

as can be seen they do not have wooden shafts or flights - just notches at the ends - the seller said they were indo-persian probably 100 - 200 years old.

I would be grateful if any one could confirm if one of the arrows is a 'Sasbaan'

Many Thanks !

The arrow heads


The arrow ends / flights


The reference to 'Sasbaan' and other types of arrow in the Shaster Nam Mala

*taken from Dasmesh Bani Darpan - Harjinder Singh Kanwal -Well Wish - 2002


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I have been sent some info about the crescent shaped arrow - saying it is for hunting - because the arrow doesnt have a point - when hunting around trees - it wont 'pin' the 'target' to the tree , making it hard to retrieve, it will 'knock' the 'target' out of the tree thereby making it easier to retrieve.

Many Thanks - any more info much appreciated !

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