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Dhroo bhagat as far as I know was the son of a king, and his stepmum did not let his father love him. Then Dhroo bhagat asked why he did not receive love from his father, and his stepmother told him it was becos of his past karam. So, he left home, did bhagti.

Prahlaad was the son of Harnaakash, also a King, and Harnakaash thought of himself to be God, and asked Prahlaad why he was not obeying him, Prahlaad rightly did not belive his father, and his father made iron poles hot and told Prahlaad to hug the iron poles and see if God would save him, and God did, in the form of a Hindu God, which I'm not sure which one.

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It was Narsingh avtar who saved parlad from harnashk.

Basically Harnashkh did lot of tapyasa in his life as well ..he was given vars(power) that you will not die neither by human or nor beast(animal), you will not die neither in day or night.

Narsingha avtar sent by God appear out of sky- as half tiger and half human..it was neither day nor night..it was both.

Here is illustration how Narsingha avtar killed harnakash to save the bhagat- parladh.


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