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Rani Sahib Kaur - a request


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This is a request to the Sangat of SA - do any of you have a picture of Rani (Bibi) Sahib Kaur ?

I have never come across a portrait of her - there are portraits of all the Patiala rajas but I haven't seen any of her - even Giani Atma Singh's book on Rani Sahib Kaur has no illustrations - If anyone knows if a portrait exists I would be grateful if they could either post it or give the reference - Many Thanks !

In case anyone doesn't know who Rani Sahib Kaur is - here is a potted history

Bibi Sahib Kaur (1771- 1801) was a remarkable women - A warrior and leader of men.

She was the elder sister of Raja Sahib Singh of Patiala, and married to Jaimal Singh of the Kanhaiya Clan(Gurdaspur)

As the house of Patiala became embroiled in intrigues and fell victim to vices and excesses - Sahib Singh recalled his Sister.

In 1749 She headed the Patiala Army of 7000 against the Marathas - Anta Rao and Lachhman Rao - near Amballa - despite being out numbered by the Marathas - Sahib Kaur would not retreat - She led the troops personally and sent the Marathas back to Karnal.

In 1799 Rani Sahib Kaur took on George Thomas - who controlled Hansi and Hissar - as he besieged Jind - She led the army and made him withdraw.

She is a Huge figure and Sikh Heroine of the late 18th Century.

My Mum would tell me stories of Rani Sahib Kaur as a kid in the UK - She would recite the Rani Sahib Kaur Poem by Prof. Mohan Singh - a poem she used to perform at school 'dramas' in the 1950's

This poem is a modern Punjabi Classic - learnt by every punjabi school kid . I've posted it below - please take time to read it - if you can't read punjabi get your Parents or someone who can read Punjabi to read it aloud for you - every parent who went to school in Punjab will know this poem - it is full of 'Josh' and very stirring.

It 'represents' Sikh women in all their glory - and is a timely reminder for all Singhs to get their 'Act' together !!

Enjoy !

* Taken from 'Kasumbhra' - Prof. Mohan Singh






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