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Thank You Bhai Amrit Singh Ji

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I just wanted to thank Bhai Amritpal Singh Ji for his great site www.amritworld.com especially for the articles in English. I have been a member of this forum since February and have been reading all the old threads. I was confused by one member's views on kirpan amrit, the nihang views on bhang, kalki avtar, and a whole host of other views. One of the forum members pointed me towards Bhai Amritpal Singh's site and reading his views backed up by Gurbani and historical books helped me to understand better these issues.

Thank You Amritpal Singh Veerji and please continue your great sewa! :D

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Dear 'bobbyboy' Ji,

It is your bigheartedness, otherwise I am nothing.

My website is still under construction. I hope, I will be doing more seva to the Guru, by the Grace of the Guru.

Veer Niranjana and Veer shaka nyorai Ji, thank you very much for comments. I know that you are always with me. Thank you very much.

-Amrit Pal Singh 'Amrit'

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