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osama bin laden speaking punjabi


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this may sound immature for me to post here, but i find it hillarious and i want other people to see this video.

basically, theres a video of osama bin laden speaking (swearing) in punjabi, he gets hit by a bomb and the video ends with "AIIIII OIIIIII!!! OOOHHHH MARGYAAA OIIIII! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

can sangat here find me that video, or anyone upload it here?

gustaphi maaf

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Osama Bha Ji lived in Afganistan for a long period. Many Punjabi speaking Sikhs live in Afganistan. Many Afgan speak Punjabi as well. Ho sakda Hai, bha Ji ne Vi Punjabi Sikh Lyee Hove.

It is said that Osama bha Ji visited Pakistan too. There are lots of Punjabi speaking people in Pakistan. Even in 'Sarhaddi Sooba', thousands of people speak Punjabi.

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look, anything RELEVANT (keyword RELEVANT) to what i am asking would be nice.

basically, i want someone to view it, i tried sending it from my phone to my email, and from there send to some. but it wont let me.

k, let me explain. the video is like this....


and you can see bin laden mouthing away.

you see the magic of technology is that you cant really hear osama speaking, its some punjabi guy that has replaced his voice with his own. swearing away, such as "tusi meri l*ndh di rocket stthu ki twadi maa di ch*d" and it carries on

a rocket hits him and hes like "AIIII OIII"

what im asking is not the fact if osama can really speak punjabi, im asking can anyone upload this comical video up onto this site?

gustaphi maaf

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well wat i did was i did it through email, send it from my phone to the computer, then i realised it never worked. really i dont have a bluetooth for my computer. thats why i was asking someone on this site, if they have got that video, can they upload it?

hardeep singh, can you by any chance upload that video?

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sorry about the wait but i didn't have the time as it's alittle bit involved for me to get the objects transfered to the pc from my mobile as i dont have a bluetooth usb connection, but here it is now :wink:

you will need realplayer installed on your computer to play this type of file

just 'right click save as' the link below



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