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Three types of anand in this world !!!

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source: sant baba isher singh ji maharaj rara sahib audio divan.

1. Vishaye Anand (Drop of Anand) - Worldy Materialstic, Superfical things ie- relationships, bhog bilas(sexual orgasm), getting new car, house, job, status in a soceity.

2. Bhajan Anand (River of Anand)- Listening to bhajan in form of katha, kirtan, patt - doing bachan bilas of adhyatamik (spiritual) subjects.

3. Brhma Anand (Ocean of Anand Hiiii Anand)- Realization of Tat Gyan, Bhramgyan Gyan... travelling through antish karan, panj kosh..finally reaching it's desination- Atma-Paratama !!!!!!!!!

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