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is it in taksal maryada???


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in our gurdwara, a taksali gyaani comes into the place where the dishes and plates and cups etc are washed, all the washed cups and plates and spoons etc he counts them and takes a few with him and takes it god knows where.

i am curious on this because i wonder why he doesnt not wait with members of sangat to get the dishes and pour the dhaal etc for himself and others, and instead of sitting in pangat he goes out again. ki patha where.

waht i want to know, is it in the taksali maryada that only a taksali can have langar prepared in taksali hands etc

and why do different rules for taksalis apply when it comes to langar. i mean if someone else did this, they would not be allowed to walk out with the pandey unless they were taking it to where sangat get their langar from (this is the impression i get anyway)

gustaphi maaf

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