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SIkh Youth who ?

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I have one Youth Question Coming into my mind So plz tell me

If Sikh Boy Cut Down His Hair Then He Belongs to Which Religion ???

If He is reamined Sikh after cutting down hair so what we are

& if he become hindu We See them as diff. releigion.

I am aksing about this bec. yesterday i am with my gurdwara comiitte i have given them advice that peron who has cut down his beard or cut down her hair shoudn't allow to serve (seva) on langar.

Let me clarify i dont say that they dont eat langar I am only say that can't do vartaan di seva

& WE Dont have to stop hindu We should feel Proud if they doing seva

Then my one of my comitte member said that guru ji told us that all relegion are same

So i have the same questioned to all of them that who has cut down his hair what should i recognised him As a sikh or hindu

They dont have any answere for it?

I am talking about all this bec. in india People are just using turban to get in offices school colleges bec on specian quota

for eg in new delhi if u r sikh u will get 5 % extra if u r sikh but after admission U will see that cut surd

So isn't the time came that only true sikh should get proirty then Who r just using sikh as a method for comin up?

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by seeking from your question you are heading down a road full of misery, anger and frustration. why do that to yourself? cultivate love and thrive in it. those around you will notice and what happens next is up to them.

educate yourself, so you can one day be in a position to answer the questions of a youngster.

be the change you wish to see

listen and learn,

practise good hygiene

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