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The Devil In Disguise!!!

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The Devil In Disguise

Written by an enlightened soul!

When I was a kid I hid behind a pillow while watching Count Dracula

about to bite the neck of some poor girl. And then trying to creep

upstairs past the open window was terrible. Thoughts of "What if a

vampire bat flies and bites me?" We all like to feel a bit of fear

and that's why we watch scary movies, and afterwards we can laugh it

off "its not real – just a story."

We can laugh of Count Dracula as a fictional character, but billions

of people actually believe in the existance of the Devil. Listen to

any Christian evangelist on the GOD channel screaming about how the

Devil is running the world. Or even within Sikhs we hear people

say "Kaljug" (The Dark Age) came as a Devil to tempt Guru Nanak

Dev Ji.

Why do religions need the concept of the Devil? A Christian

psycholgist told me that in the old days Christian preaching was done

with the basic premise "DO THIS OR GOT TO HELL!". Meaning people

who didn't fit in with the general society would be punished. Fear

was the motivating force to make people pray to God and to conform to

the religious belief system. But scientific thinking has exposed

the false belief systems imposed by religious organisations.

For example, Galileo lived around the time of Guru Arjun Dev ji –

1600s. He was a monk as a kid and then became a famous mathemetician

and astrologer. He worked out that the planets revolve around the

sun. However, the Catholic Church interpreted the Bible to mean

that the Earth was the centre of the Universe. The Pope of the time

had Galileo sentenced to lifelong imprisonment. Even upto this day,

the Catholic Church has not admitted they were wrong for what they


"On 31 October 1992, 350 years after Galileo's death, Pope John Paul

II gave an address on behalf of the Catholic Church in which he

admitted that errors had been made by the theological advisors in the

case of Galileo. He declared the Galileo case closed, but he did not

admit that the Church was wrong to convict Galileo on a charge of

heresy because of his belief that the Earth rotates round the sun."



If the Pope of Galileo's time and the Pope of our time are more

concerned with preserving their Church's reputation than accepting

the Truth, then who is the Devil that is corrupting the masses?

Some imaginary being with horns and a red tail, or some real figure

dressed in white , smiling and looking good on the outside but fake

on the inside?

Are the relgious leaders the Devil in disguise?

Are the President and Prime Ministers the devil in disguise?

Gurbani teaches that the individual consumed by the 5 thieves –

anger, greed, lust, attachment and pride – is the living, talking,

walking Devil.

It doesn't matter that on the outside the religious leaders look

good in their robes and preach morality. That they lay down what

they think is God's law about social topics like abortion, gay

marriage, using contraception etc etc. It doesn't matter that

Presidents wear business suits and have utmost respect from world

leaders. It doesn't matter that they justify wars saying "Good

against evil". None of it matters if they are consumed by the 5

thieves. Then all they say and do is corrupt. Beware of these

Devils that walk about in broad daylight to the adoration of the

media and the masses. Its just a show.

Are they not corrupt? In the old days the power lay with the King

and the Church, and the musicians entertained them whilst the masses

lived in fear. Now in the 21st Century, neither the Rulers nor the

Religions managed to save the starving in Africa. Why? Because they

are not interested where people of their nation or their relgion are

not involved. They have not had enough compassion to help the God in

the heart of the dying Africans. So where the Rulers and the

Relgion have failed, the Heart of God singing love songs from the

mouths of musicians have managed to move the world into action (Live8

concerts last weekend).

The time where people lived in fear of their Rulers and of the

Relgions is coming to an end. Now is the time for the heart of God

in every body to come forward and make a difference.

God is the power in our body that can make the world better for

everyone. Don't be scared of some imaginary Devil or "Kaljug",

look inside and only be scared of yourself turning into the Devil in

disguise. And avoid the Devils in organised religion and politics.

Don't give them time or money, don't give them respect. With your

own hands go and feed the poor and needy. There's a saying "The

mouth of the poor is the Guru's moneybox." Don't waste your

money in donations to Building funds and travelling preachers

building Temple complexes in India.

Guru Nanak Ji says that wherever the poor are looked after God's

mercy rains down. So become God on Earth, not a Devil in Disguise.

And remember "If you are not part of the solution, then you are part

of the problem."

Written under GurPrasad.

Dust of your feet.

("Become the dust of everyone's feet then come to me"

"hoi sabhna kee renka thao ao hamaraay paas" ... Guru Arjun Dev Ji)


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