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The Original Edit - The Finished Mixed Mastered Version!


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Dr. Zeus

i have to say, i've only listened to folk attack but ive heard this version of the album is not much different

i dunno whether its just a money making matter but whatever the version you got, its worth every penny, because this album is probably gonna be one of the best this year....

the first trak..Sachiyan Suniyan Ni, is such a phat tune, gonna be a floorfiller, the sarangi part kills it, dhol, tumbi u name it, the tune has such a groove to it

2. Je Jatt Bigr Gaya....one of those jatt tunes , but going out to the bigheaded ones, lol, hip hop n rnb bass line to it, this is a mc'ing version to it, the Folk Attack version has the none mc'ing version, Lembher shows some vocal range in the track, worth listening to

3. Giddech Deor Meinu Lageyaa - one of the tunes produced by the b21's Bhoota Jagpal, good tune

4. Oh Kuri Patni one of those songs to get yah woofers moving , decent tune

5. Nit Kushi Naal Peendeh....not one of the best tune to be honest, average

6. Das Ki Sohniyeh - not too bad, the final version may be abit up toned

7. Putt Jattan Da Jawan - u know this tunes heavy, two dhols, one dhol doing chaal another dhol doing giddah, from what i can hear technically, makes you go "hoi hoi", lol

8. Yaaran Diya Yaarian Ne Mareyah - this sound so...India'ish, trust, lol, cool tune

9 - Jatt bigr gaya ( mr shabs mix) - i aint heard this track becoz it aint on the folk attack version

The India release was cheaper to buy to be honest, so half of the shops won't be bother to buy it becoz the India version is cheaper, i dunno if this mastered version is any better/ or if there are any big changes made

some of the samples in the track was abit urm...let say not up to scratch, well it was released by Lembher in India under Dr. Zeus's nose, or is it just a game plan to make money

all i can say is the album is good compared last years releases, its hell of alot better then stuff released this year aswell

about 6 bhangra albums are coming out in about 2 weeks, people are wondering why bhangra scene is so slow.....

the reason behind it is becoz of Dj Sanj's last release where he heavily used rnb n hip hop samples, hence its not his own work, so, the laws gone abit strict on sampling now,

in a way its a good thing, lets see if these manz can produce stuff of their own


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