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Further to the email sent on 07/07/05 - 2 Gurdwara's have been attacked in the UK and this maybe just the beginging (hopefully the end) please be careful!!

Please read the following VERY IMPORTANT!!


Following the tragic events of Thursday 7 July in London and the growing reports of hate crimes against Sikhs it is important for the community to have basic information on the level, type and location of these crimes. This information will help Sikhs lobby the authorities to take appropriate actions as they appear to be currently failing the Sikh community.

A hate crime is when someone attacks another person verbally, via mail or email, or perhaps physically, and the crime is driven by the attacker's prejudice against a particular group of people. While more hate crime is verbal than physical, that does not mean it's not serious, or very upsetting for the person being harassed.

What should you do if it happens to you or someone you know?

Don't retaliate: you could risk violence or make the situation worse.

Do tell someone about it: hate crime is inexcusable and should be dealt with as soon as possible. If you're at school or college, tell a teacher or staff member what has happened and they'll help you sort it out and help you decide whether you want to inform the police.

In any situation, it's your right to go to the police, report a crime and have it investigated. If you're scared to go to the police there are hundreds of third-party reporting sites. These places are community centres, other public places including some Gurdwaras where you can discuss your situation with a person trained to fill in a crime form to notify the police. You can even notify the police of a non-urgent crime over the internet.

Many Sikhs are not on email therefore feel free to report second hand on any hate crimes that you become aware of in your locality.

Please visit: http://www.sikh-secretariat.com/sikh_incident_form.htm

to fill in a simple incident form.

The information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Note: The Sikh Secretariat has been asked to co-ordinate collation of the information so it can be used for the benefit of the Sikh community in getting the authorities to take this issue much more seriously.

Sikh Secretariat


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