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Sant Baba Balwant Singh Ji(Langar Wale Babaji at Rara Sahib)

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yes..... to be honest... baba ji above and baba teja singh ji maharaj. R very ponche hoye, kamiye wale. They followed sant baba isher singh ji bachens to the strictest. There r lot of fake sants out there... but these r for real! I beg for their charan door! Their bachens r taal! what ever they say it happens!

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Both Sant Isher singh Ji and Sant Kishan singh ji used to refer to shrimann ji as baba ji. they are a true bram giani, they have done sewa all their life at rara sahib langer, but never had a room at rara sahib. they used to do sewa in the day and used to sleep for only 2 hours in the langer hall. at one time shrimann ji had stoped sleeping so sant mahraj baba isher singh ji sent their own bed in the langer hall which shrimann used to rest on for 2 hours.(the bed is still there today incased in glass)

last year due to shrimaan ji's old age and bad health a room was made for them at rara sahib. shrimann ji is very quiet nowday due to a trapped vain in the brain.

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