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Race Hate Attacks


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The stories below are a selection of the stories posted on the Monitoring Group website today. Please go to the TMG website for further detail.

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About 500 race and faith hate incidents reported to police nationally since the London bombing.

About 500 faith-hate and race-hate crimes  ranging from arson attacks on mosques to Muslim women being spat at in the street  have been reported in Britain since the London bombings. According to police sources, about 200 of these incidents are deemed significant enough to have potential repercussions within communities.

Here are a selection of the stories

7 July 2005

Schoolboy in Devon is assaulted in the school grounds. The perpetrator claims it is revenge for the bombs.

Asian woman from Hayes, Middlesex reports an attempted arson attack after she find petrol has been poured through her door.

An Asian family in Southall, West London report an attempted arson attack.

`Islam Scum` and racist graffitti is daubed on the Sha Jalal mosque and the Pakistan Community Centre in Edinbugh

Two bottles containing an accelerant were thrown through the windows of the Sikh temple in Belvedere, Kent. The bottles do not ignite and there were no reports of any injuries. Five men were later arrested

8 July 2005

Al Madina Jamia mosque in Leeds is petrol bombed.

Stone are thrown at the Jamia mosque in Totterdown, Bristol.

The Wirral Islamic Cultural Centre and Shahjalal Mosque on in Birkenhead, Merseyside is set alight. A 27 year old man has since been charged.

The Jamiat Tablighul Islam Mosque in Armley, Leeds faces an attempted arson attack. A police spokeswoman said they thought a piece of cloth was put through a window to start the fire.

The windows at the Mazhirui Uloom Educational and Cultural Institution in East London are smashed.

9 July 2005

Seven windows were smashed at the Shajalal mosque in Easton, Bristol.

Kent police investigate two assaults on Muslim men near Dartford, Kent.

Police in London confirm that they have recorded 180 racist incidents over the past three days, including 58 faith related crimes.

The British National Party uses a photograph of the bus with the caption, "maybe it's time to start listening to the BNP" to campaign in the forthcoming council election in Essex

10 July 2005

Kamal Butt dies after a street attack. According to a report in the Independent newspaper the police reported that Anti-Taliban statements were shouted prior to the attack. Nine youths were later arrested, and two charged with manslaughter.

Fire breaks out at a mosque in Shropshire. The blaze started in the front of the mosque in Tan Bank, Wellington, near Telford just after midnight.

The Bradford Pakistani Consulate faces an attempted arson attack. Rubbish bin was set on fire and pushed against the front door of the building in Laisterdyke. A 27 man was later arrested.

20 year old Muslim student is racially abused, chased and threatened with a knife by three men in Bournemouth.

11 July 2005

A 18-year-old student, from the United Arab Emirates, suffers a smashed jaw when a bottle was thrown at him in a park in Broadstairs, Kent.

The Al-Birr Community Centre and Margate Mosque in Margate, Kent is sprayed with racist graffiti.

12 July 2005

The Rose Lane Islamic Centre in Norwich is attacked. A woman is later charged.

An eleven and sixteen year old Asian boy are racially assaulted in the Lorne Street area of Edinburgh.

13 July 2005

The home of a Muslim family is torched in a suspected arson attack in Torquay.

Racist threats are received by the Bournemouth Islamic Centre. Majid Yasin, director of the Centre, said he knew of a party of around 15 students who had returned to their home country in the Middle East since last Thursday's bombings.

A email suspected to be from a official Ministry of Defence website is sent to a Birmingham mosque. "Its now a war on Muslims throughout Britain" it read. The MoD launches a official investigation.

Combat 18 and racist graffiti appears in the Beeston area of Leeds. Eight people are arrested for public order offences at the Broadway pub, in Beeston, Leeds as racial tensions in the area increase.

The Army unit was alerted by police after a suspicious package was found outside the Abu Bakr Mosque, in Middlesbrough.

Police confirm they are monitoring plans by a alliance of rightwing extremists and football hooligans to exact `revenge` on Muslims.

16 July 2005

The Shah Jalal Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in the Cathays area of Cardiff, South Wales receives a racist letter.

A brick is thrown through the window of Northampton Mosque on Argyle Street.

A man racially abuses worshippers and daubs racist graffiti outside the Bangladeshi mosque in Swindon.

17 July 2005

Racist graffiti is daubed outside the Park Primary school in Stratford, east London. Over 50 people from all sections of the local community help to clear the graffiti quickly. In a further incident a local Muslim student is also attacked.

18 July 2005

The Shah Jalal Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in Cathays, Cardiff is broken into and animal parts left in the building.


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