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Gurpurab Greetings !


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Gurpurab Greetings to all Sikh brethern!

8th Saavan - 23rd July - Parkash Divas Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji

(as per Nanakshahi Calendar)

Siri Guru Harkrishan Ji

Guru Har Krishan who was the second and the youngest son of Guru Har Rai and Mata Krishan Kaur, was born of in 1656 at Kiratpur. Guru Har Krishan was appointed Guru when he was five years and three months old. Ram Rai began conspiring against the child Guru at the Imperial Court at Delhi, and finally succeeded in getting him summoned there. Like his father, Har Krishan was averse to seeing Aurangzeb. At Delhi, though he was ordered many times to see the Emperor, he persistently refused to do so. Raja Jai Singh had previously heard the Guru’s praises and was, therefore, pleased at the prospector making his acquaintance and of listening to his instruction. He sent his emissary to Kiratpur to request the Guru to come to Delhi. The Guru refused the invitation, for he had been forbidden by his father not to see the Emperor. Raja Jai Singh sent back this communication, “Rajaj Jai Singh humbly requests the Guru to come to Delhi so that he and the Guru’s Sikhs may behold him. The Guru may act as he pleases regarding an interview with the Emperor.†It was made clear by the emissary of Jai Singh that He (Guru) would not be compelled to go to the Emperor. When the Guru reached Delhi, he was received by Raja Jai Singh who came bare footed to meet the Guru. He requested the Guru to stay at his palace. That palace is now known as Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in New Delhi. Thousands of people of Delhi came to have ‘darshan’ of the Guru. The sick were healed and those in distress were comforted at the very sight of the holy Master. The Emperor sent presents at the arrival of the Guru and expressed a wish to see him but the invitation was refused.

On the instruction of Emperor Aurangzeb, Raja Jai Singh agreed to test the Guru whether he possessed any superhuman power. His head queen dressed like a maid servant and sat among other maid servants and queens. The Guru was requested to identify the head queen (Rani) which he immediately did. Upon this Raja Jai Singh and his queens acknowledged the Guru’s spiritual power. Cholera and small-pox were raging fiercely in Delhi at that time. The Guru ordered to spare all the offerings to reduce the suffering of the poor. The food, medicine and clothes distributed among the poor and the sick. He won many followers in this way. Shortly after the occurrence of Cholera, the Guru was seized with high fever which was followed by small-pox. His mother at his bedside, saw that he was thinking of his coming death. “O son, why art thou turning thy thoughts away from this earth so soon?†she asked. “Be not anxious, mother, for me,†said the Guru, “My safety is in His will. I am safe wherever He may take me. Mother, be not anxious; youth or age matters not. The Master is the Reaper of His crop; it is His pleasure and sometime He reaps it while green and sometimes when golden ripe? Know, mother; what our God does is best.

The family-jealousy was blazing then at its full, and many blood-relations of the Guru were setting themselves up as “Mastersâ€. Guru Har Krishan, though very ill, sent for five paisa and a coconut, and bowed down saying, “Baba Bakale†(Baba Nanak is at Bakala). The Boy-master felt his spiritual responsibility for the people, and named the place whence Guru Nanak would come to his disciples once again. Guru Har Krishan then breathed his last in 1664. His body was cremated on the bank of river Jamna where now stands the Gurdwara Bala Sahib.

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