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Raj yogi Sant baba attar singh ji and ahankari person!!


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Once there was patt going on outside in a pandal(huge tent). Sant baba Attar Singh Ji Mustanaewaley was observing/listening to patt. Suddenly, this ahankari person came on his horse in the pandal, didn't even bother to take off his shoes or came down from the horse even after loads of request by sevadar.

Sant baba Attar Singh Ji Mustaneywaley became furious and raged, to see such disrespect of true Guru- Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. From his amrit tongue, bachan was shot in form of sharap.

Bachan was shot like a arrow. After few weeks , he died. In his family lineage, no men was able to top 35 yrs. They would die at the age of 35.

There was this bibi who was shardlu of baba isher singh ji nanaksarwaley. She look at the sad suitation and went up to sant ji to get some help and told him - that because of sant baba attar singh ji bachan all the mens are dying in the family lineage before age of 35 and requested him - if he could tal(cancel) their bachan. Sant baba isher singh ji nanaksarwaley said - not just me, there is nobody on this planet who can tal - puran bhramgyani avtar- sant baba attar singh ji bachan.

Having said that, sant baba isher singh ji advised this bibi to do sampat akhand patt sahib with full maryada for a month and do ardas. After she did it, she was able to save his husband. She then again went to sant baba isher singh ji. Sant ji told her, to go to baba attar singh ji, asked for forgiveness and do one additional sampat akhand patt sahib so that in future this mistake does not happen again.

Moral Story: Save respect of siri guru granth sahib ji, If it's wasnt for mahapursh these heretics of panth would have completely disowned Guru Maharaj bani. Bachan came from Mahapursh- pavitar amrit rasna never go useless. It will come true no matter what.

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